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LifeLearn goes to school in Indonesia

(left to right) Päivi Hiltunen-Toivio, Mahnan Marbawi, Allan Schneitz and Jussi Hurmola at the conference where the agreement was announced.LifeLearn

LifeLearn has signed an agreement with AGPAII, a large Indonesian teachers’ association operating under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The contract means that LifeLearn will deliver a mobile learning ecosystem for 186 000 teachers and 32 million pupils in elementary schools and junior and senior high schools across Indonesia. The company will provide online learning communities, ecommerce, teacher training and pedagogical support to reform education practices together with AGPAII both on a national and international level.

LifeLearn is a mobile-first learning community service designed and developed in Finland. It includes an ecommerce platform for schools, teachers, pupils and parents to purchase, for example, study materials and teacher training.

“Every one of us working in and for LifeLearn are happy and honoured to have found a partner with whom we can expand our mission to make meaningful local and global skills available, without restrictions, within the communities of learning,” a press release reads.

Currently, LifeLearn has offices in Singapore, Indonesia and Finland.

Published on 07.12.2017