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Lehto creates space for children in Sweden

Lehto’s day care centres are built of modules.Lehto Group

Finnish construction company Lehto is set to start construction on three day care centres in Botkyrka, Sweden in the spring 2018.

The agreement covers three module-based day care centres.

“This is a great opening in Sweden,” says the CEO of Lehto Sverige Tapio Kuittinen in a press release. “These centres differ from the so-called traditional Finnish kindergarten-building, in which each location is unique. In Sweden, thinking is more advanced when it comes to conceptualised, module-based kindergartens.”

The trick of the premises lies in their flexibility, removable walls and taking children’s activities into account at the design stage. Rooms can be customised to suit the needs of specific activities, such as climbing or indoor football, and they can include greenhouses or laboratories.

The two-storey buildings are designed to accomodate 180 kids. The modules will be built in Finland and then shipped to Sweden.

Published on 12.12.2017