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Finnish researcher wins international recognition

Professor Kenneth Holmberg is helping to reduce friction related to climate change.VTT

Professor Kenneth Holmberg, a friction researcher at VTT, is the first Finn ever to be presented with the Tribology Gold Medal Award by The Tribology Trust.

The award is the most highly prized of such in the field, and Holmberg has been recognised for his long-standing, major achievements in material and friction research. The impact of his work can be seen in lower energy consumption by machinery.

Tribology is a multidisciplinary research area involving the study of friction, wear and lubrication-related phenomena on contact surfaces.

“Friction accounts for 20 per cent of all energy consumption in the world,” professor Holmberg says, in a release. “When friction is reduced, less energy is consumed. This is an excellent way of combating climate change.”

Holmberg’s findings have significant impacts on society, in industry, power plants, transport and residential environments.

The Tribology Gold Medal Award, also known as the “Tribology Nobel prize”, was presented for the first time in 1972 and has since been awarded to 38 people from 12 countries. Holmberg will be presented his award on 20 December at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Helsinki.

Published on 15.12.2017