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Evondos headed for global success

Evondos believes that home care customers and their families will benefit significantly from its service.Istock.com/ bowdenimages

Norwegian investment company Serendipity Partners has made a significant deal with Finnish medication robotics specialist Evondos.

Evondos collected 21.2 million euros in its funding round, led by the aforementioned Norwegian firm, which is now a major owner of the company.

The company’s medicine dispensing robots provide help to home care daily work, as automation of medication distribution removes medicine misalignment and supports the home care staff. This can provide better on-time medical care as well as cut costs significantly.

The money will enable Evondos to boost its organisation, invest in exports and reach new markets together with business and product development.

“With this investment, Evondos has a chance to reach our ambitious goals,” notes Evondos CEO Jyrki Niinistö, in a release. “We are sure to see significant business benefits, but I’m sure the actual winners will be customers and their families. More and more people will have a chance to enjoy better medical care, and we can help hard-working home care staff to do their work even better. Also public sector will see benefits as better care can be provided with less costs.”

Published on 13.12.2017