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Eagle Filters signs repeat order

Eagle Filters enables measurable fuel efficiency and CO2 savings for the global energy industry.Istock.com/ no_limit_pictures

Eagle Filters has received a 300 000-euro repeat order from IEC, the largest supplier of electricity in Israel.

Eagle Filters provides high efficiency intake air filtration solutions for gas fired power plants, and IEC has been using the company’s products for several years prior to the newest order.

Eagle Filters‘ technology is currently in use in various countries across the globe. It’s been tested by some of the world’s largest gas turbine operators, which are now considering deploying the technology at scale.

“IEC has been an important customer for us and is a world pioneer in utilising high efficiency filtration,” says CEO Juha Kariluoto, in a release. “Our close co-operation with IEC in testing our products has been important for our R&D. After verifying the achieved fuel savings for several years, IEC has indicated they will incorporate Eagle’s technology in several other power plants as well.”

Published on 24.11.2017