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Alibaba Cloud and Eficode put brains together

Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (middle) was present at the opening of the Innovation Center, calling the city’s startup scene vibrant and innovative.Eficode

Alibaba Cloud and Eficode are setting up a joint innovation centre in Helsinki to boost collaboration between Nordic and Chinese businesses and researchers.

Alibaba Cloud, part of Alibaba Group, and Eficode, a Helsinki-headquartered DevOps company, have opened the Alibaba Cloud – Eficode Innovation Center in Helsinki. The centre will be a platform to improve and increase the collaboration between Nordic and Chinese businesses, researchers and education institutes.

The two firms aim to encourage and enable knowledge sharing and innovation by providing R&D resources and workspace to local big data sector and related businesses and developing solutions that will help companies deal with the digital challenges involved in business expansion and digital transformation.

“In the age of globalisation, innovation collaboration is becoming a key factor not only for companies, but also for countries to compete and succeed,” says Alexander Yin, CFO of Eficode. “We at Eficode are very excited to open this joint innovation centre with Alibaba Cloud and to foster collaboration between the regions.”

The launch of the centre follows the announcement of a strategic partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Eficode in October.

Published on 01.12.2017