November 2, 2017

EatAndTheCity throws its net further

EatAndTheCity wants to help people find the best restaurants in their local area.
EatAndTheCity wants to help people find the best restaurants in their local area.

Finnish media startup EatAndTheCity is looking to launch its next generation local restaurant discovery platform across the globe.

To boost its endeavour, EatAndTheCity has just closed an investment round through which it raised 3.3 million euros from Wallstreet Group, Gorilla Ventures, Arteel Ventures, Tekes and angel investors.

The company helps users discover and book eating experiences in their city. The platform utilises feedback from journalists, food critics and local users to provide reviews of nearby restaurants and takeaways. Media companies can then generate new revenue as a trusted source of information for local eating experiences.

EatAndTheCity’s first international media partner is Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

“EatAndTheCity was originally created to be the ‘Google for restaurants’ in Finland,” says Ilkka O. Lavas, co-founder of EatAndTheCity. “We noticed that a number of media companies were interested in restaurant discovery portals, as they would be able to leverage their connection with local communities to deliver a genuinely useful service and an additional revenue stream. Our service was validated in our eyes when we started winning awards.”

Currently the company has offices in Helsinki, Berlin, London, Sheffield and Tallinn. Its goal is “to help media networks take local restaurant discovery into the mainstream across the world”.

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