A person in a zero gravity chamber wearing Varjo VR headsets
 Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR headsets are used to train surgeons, pilots and even astronauts. Image: Varjo/Screenshot

DAILY BRIEF: VR training, clean tech, design, hospitality and fast-growing Finns

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Aquamec, Valpas, Gasum, Omuus, Varjo and fast-growing Finnish firms make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Aquamec’s Watermaster equipment cleans up rivers in China, Valpas and Bob W deepen collaboration, Gasum expands its filling station network in Sweden, Omuus’ design is awarded, Varjo teams up with EyeTracking, and Finnish companies make the FT 1000 list. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Finnish clean tech helps to restore vital rivers in Xi’an

An amphibious dredger in a river

Finnish company Aquamec’s amphibious multipurpose dredger, Watermaster, has been deployed in an emergency pilot project to restore vital rivers in Xi’an, the capital of the Shaanxi province in central China. Rapid population growth, heavy industrial activity and advancing climate change have resulted in water shortages, aquatic environment deterioration and made the city more vulnerable to flooding. The work included removing trash, excess vegetation and silt from the river, with the multipurpose machine carrying out all stages of the project.

Valpas keeps all Bob W lodgings bed bug-free

A hotel guest resting on the bed

New tech-driven hospitality provider Bob W has embedded Finnish cleantech expert Valpas’ smart bed legs across all its short-stay apartments in Helsinki, Tallinn and London. The IoT-enabled legs capture the first few bed bugs before an infestation can occur and automatically notify the staff of any incident. Bob W is the first hospitality provider to adopt the innovative safety standard brand-wide. Image: Valpas

Gasum opens liquefied gas station in Malmö

A gas filling station

Gasum has opened its first filling station for heavy-duty vehicles in Malmö, Sweden. The station is the first to offer liquefied gas in the region and the 16th station that Gasum has opened in Sweden. The station is part of Gasum’s plan to build a network of 50 filling stations in the Nordics by the early 2020s. Image: Gasum

Accolades for Finnish-designed medical measurement terminal

Arçelik Corensis Medical Kiosk on display

Finnish design company Omuus’ co-operation with leading Turkish white goods and home appliances provider Arçelik has resulted in a spate of international awards for Corensis Medical Kiosk, a medical measurement terminal by Arçelik. Providing contactless automated hospital registration and measurements, the terminal was awarded at Australia’s Good Design Awards, the Doktorclub Awards 2020, A’ Design Award & Competition and the MedTech Breakthrough Awards. Omuus created the concept design, CMF design, industrial design and visual UI concept of the terminal as part of co-operation with Arçelik stretching back to 2016. Image: Omuus

Varjo and EyeTracking partner in high-end VR/XR space

Woman wearing VR glasses next to a screen displaying analytical information

Helsinki-based Varjo, a developer of human-eye resolution virtual reality (VR) headsets, has partnered with EyeTracking to enable cognitive workload analytics from virtual (VR) and extended virtuality (XR) simulations. EyeTracking’s training-based software solutions are now fully compatible with Varjo’s mixed and virtual reality headsets, enabling behavioural insights from immersive training, surgical simulations and human-machine interface development. Image: Varjo

Finnish firms among fastest growing in Europe

Two cars at an Virta electrical vehicle charging station

The Financial Times has included 13 Finnish firms in its ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe, the FT 1000. To make the list, companies had to show compounded annual growth in revenue of at least 35.5 per cent. Leading the Finnish pack was financial technology startup LVS Brokers, followed by Virta and Supermetrics in the top 200 and others in positions leading up almost to the 1 000 mark. Read our full article by clicking the headline. Image: Virta

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