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DAILY BRIEF: Top performance, funding, healthtech, LNG fuel and recycling

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Oura Health, HappySignals, Nexstim, Gasum and VTT make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


HappySignals closed a series-A funding round, Nexstim upgrades NBS systems in two US hospitals, Gasum wins a contract in Norway, UFC taps into Oura Ring, and VTT starts a recycling project for polystyrene. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

HappySignals raises EUR 4.7 million in funding

Three men standing next to each other.

Helsinki-based HappySignals has closed a 4.7 million-euro series-A funding round led by Nauta Capital, with participation from Vendep Capital. HappySignals is an employee experience management platform provider that measures the IT productivity and happiness levels of employees. IT leaders can use the data to identify areas that need to improve in order to reduce time lost to IT-related issues. Image: HappySignals

Nexstim receives two NBS system upgrade orders in US

Man plugged into NBS system.

Finnish medical technology company Nexstim has received two upgrade orders for its navigated brain stimulation (NBS) systems from two large hospitals in the US. The upgrades will bring the latest SmartFocus navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation features to Nexstim’s NBS systems at the hospitals. The non-invasive brain stimulation technology is used for pre-operative mapping of patients with tumours or other lesions. Image: Nexstim

Gasum wins contract with Celsa Armeringsstål in Norway

Reinforced steel manufacturing.

Finnish energy company Gasum has secured a contract with Celsa Armeringsstål that includes liquefied natural gas (LNG) deliveries and a new customer terminal to be built in Celsa’s industrial park in Mo i Rana, Norway. Celsa is the leading Nordic manufacturer of reinforced steel, producing steel from scrap metal and recycling annually about 700 000 tonnes of metal. Celsa has invested heavily in sustainability in recent years, and the LNG supplied by Gasum will help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions at its steel plant and rolling mill. Image: Gasum

Oura Health partners with UFC

Smart ring.

Finnish company Oura Health has partnered with the world’s premier mixed martial arts organisation, UFC, to provide athletes and staff with smart rings that give personalised insights on sleep and overall health. After a rigorous vetting process, UFC Performance Institute selected Oura Ring as its first-ever official health wearable. Oura will now play an essential role in enhancing the training regimes of UFC athletes who opt in. The news is particularly timely with the coronavirus pandemic, given Oura’s ability to potentially detect early COVID-19 symptoms. Image: Oura

VTT explores ways to recycle polystyrene

Person holding two polystyrene foam containers.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and its research and business partners have launched a two-year project exploring ways to increase the recycling of polystyrene into material for other plastics and chemicals. Read our article by clicking the headline. Image: VTT

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