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 Safera’s stove guard brings peace of mind to the kitchen. Image: Safera
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All the daily Finnish business news that works:, Safera, QuietOn, Zefort, Raute and Finnish edtech companies make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki

15.05.2020 expands to Snapchat, Safera wins a big deal in Saudi Arabia, QuietOn earbuds are awarded in travel retail, Zefort secures growth funding, Raute gets a foothold in China, and Finnish edtech companies join an initiative to teach millions worldwide. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news. expands its social ad platform to Snapchat

Finnish social advertising automation platform has partnered with Snap to allow brands to leverage its tools and services on Snapchat. is already working with other social platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Advertisers will now have access to the same capabilities to boost their advertising on the popular photo-messaging app, including creative automation, hyper-localisation, campaign optimisation and robust reporting. Snapchat is drawing more attention from global brands looking to tap into its rapidly growing audience of mostly Gen-Z and millennial users. Image: Unsplash

QuietOn earbuds win Best Electronic Travel Product award

QuietOn, a Finnish developer of tiny active noise-cancelling earbuds, has won the DFNI-Frontier Award for the best new electronics product. The QuietOn earplug combines active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to effectively cancel snoring, traffic and other ambient noise with a noise reduction rate that is on par with premium on-ear noise-cancelling headphones. The DFNI Frontier Award is one of the most prominent accolades for products in travel retail. Image: QuietOn

Zefort secures funding for international growth

Finnish software company Zefort has completed a successful funding round and signed major new customers. The company raised 150 000 euros from private investors and received a 150 000-euro development loan from Business Finland, which it will use towards international growth and building a partner network. Zefort’s software-as-a-service solution enables companies of all sizes to archive contracts in a secure cloud service with a single email and minimal effort. The company’s key partners in Finland include Senate Properties, Remedy Entertainment, Vincit and Aktia Bank, and it recently signed a new deal with a major Nordic brewery. Image: Zefort

Safera wins substantial deal in Saudi Arabia

Finnish preventive fire safety pioneer Safera will deliver nearly 10 000 intelligent stove guards to all the apartments in the residential complexes of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil and energy company based in Saudi Arabia. Safera’s stove guard is effective in preventing cooking fires, as it senses the danger in advance and cuts off the cooker before the fire ignites. The value of the order has not been revealed but it provides a significant boost to Safera’s revenues. Image: Safera

Raute secures important order in China

Finnish company Raute has signed an agreement with Guoxu-Springwood Wood Panel Company in the Guangxi province in South China for the delivery of a modern veneer dryer and automated lay-up lines, including Raute Mecano analysers for quality control and modern moisture control. Raute has been working hard to get into the Chinese market, and this is its first important order from the country for such modern technology. The machinery and equipment will be delivered by the end of 2020. Image: Raute / Facebook

Finnish companies take part in Teach Millions project

A conglomerate of Finnish edtech companies is sharing its educational expertise with the world as part of the Nordic initiative Teach Millions. Read more about in in our breaking news article by clicking the link in the headline. Image: Mightifier

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