A tree cut in half following a storm
 Finnish researchers are using artificial intelligence to predict damage caused by storms days in advance. Image: Pexels

DAILY BRIEF: Prepare for blackouts, acquisition, health tech, 5G and green textiles

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Aalto University, FMI, Whiteboard.fi, Popit, Nokia and Finland’s green textile ecosystem make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Whiteboard.fi is acquired, Popit partners with Ashfield Engage, Nokia is to roll out 5G in the Philippines, Aalto University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) predict storm damage, and GNF takes a look at green textile innovation in Finland. Click on the headlines for more info about each news item.

Whiteboard.fi joins Kahoot

A digital learning tool with illustrated kids next to empty whiteboards

Finnish education tool Whiteboard.fi has been acquired by Norwegian learning platform Kahoot for six million US dollars (approx. 4.9 million euros), with up to six million dollars payable in add-ons dependent on certain financial goals being met in 2021–2022. The acquisition covers 100 per cent of the shares in Digital Teaching Tools Finland, which developed the digital tool to engage students both in the classroom and through remote learning. Image: Whiteboard.fi

Popit partners with Ashfield Engage

A woman holding a mobile phone and pills in her hands

Finnish digital health company Popit has partnered with Ashfield Engage to improve patient adherence to treatments. Popit’s smart pill tracking solution uses a device attached to a pill sheet and patented technology to monitor missed doses, and sends alerts to patients via a smartphone app. The data is also sent to healthcare providers and partners such as Ashfield Engage, which provides personalised patient support. Image: Popit

Nokia to deploy 5G in Philippines

An illustration of 5G

Nokia has been selected by Globe Telecom to roll out 5G in the Philippines under a three-year deal. Set to begin in the second quarter of 2021 and be completed in 2023, the deployment will cover the second and third largest islands of the archipelagic country, Mindanao and Visayas. Image: Nokia

Finnish AI model predicts storm blackouts days in advance

Illustrations of Finland and different data and colours on top of the images

Researchers at Aalto University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) have developed an AI-based method to predict storms that cause blackouts days in advance, allowing energy companies to prepare repair crews before the weather-inflicted damage happens. The method divides storms into three categories: no damage, low damage and high damage. It can predict the location of the storm to within 15 kilometres and the time of the storm to within three hours. The prediction will, however, never be perfect, Aalto’s press release reminds. Image: Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish textiles raise standards for green lifestyles

A model clad in a blue and white coat and dress

The Finnish sustainable textile ecosystem is bursting at the seams with innovation. Infinited Fiber Company and Spinnova are among those leading the charge with cellulose-rich sustainable textile materials, while newcomers like Rester chip in with refined textile waste and digital second-hand marketplaces such as Emmy and Zadaa complete the loop. Read how these innovators are delivering us from fast fashion by clicking the headline. Image: Marimekko

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