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All the daily Finnish business news that works: Unikie, EY Doberman, Nanoform, Herantis, Avena Nordic Grain, Akkurate, FA Solutions and Finnish universities make headlines.

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Unikie takes on the automated parking market, EY Doberman expands to Finland, Nanoform and Herantis partner in nanomedicine, Avena Nordic Grain’s new plant protein is approved, Akkurate secures financing, FA Solutions scores a major client, and Finnish universities break ground in cancer therapies. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Unikie enters global automated valet parking market

A car fitted with sensors in a parking garage
Finnish software company Unikie has partnered with German company Promotives, creating a strong player in the global automated valet parking market. The partners have combined their autonomous vehicle technology to develop a solution that has already been extensively tested by original equipment manufacturers in Germany. Customer collaboration is also ongoing at Unikie’s exhibition centre in Turku, Finland. Unikie’s 3D situational awareness technology and Promotives’ HD mapping and Control HUB technology can also be applied to many other use cases within the logistics and transport industry.

EY Doberman opens design studio in Helsinki

EY Doberman managerial staff sitting in a new office
Sweden’s leading design and innovation firm, EY Doberman, is expanding its operations in the Nordics with a new studio in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. A leading company in the Swedish market for two decades, Doberman was acquired by the EY consultancy earlier this year. The rapidly expanding firm is also opening studios in Oslo and Copenhagen while eyeing the broader international markets, having recently established an office in New York. EY Doberman provides business transformation services, focusing on customer experience and digital design and innovation.

Nanoform and Herantis partner for novel drug delivery

Scientist looking through a microscope
Finnish companies Nanoform and Herantis have started a collaboration that seeks to enhance the nasal drug delivery of Herantis’ Parkinson’s disease therapies by leveraging Nanoform’s proprietary biological nanoparticle technology. Nanoform will first carry out two proof-of-concept studies on Herantis’ CDNF and xCDNF molecules on its recently launched platform. The goal of the collaboration is to increase the probability of success for enhanced blood-brain barrier penetration on the nasal drug delivery route for the molecules. Nanoform is also planning to invest 1.6 million euros in a directed share issue by Herantis.

Avena’s new BlackGrain ingredient receives EC approval

Dark powder on a plate
Avena Nordic Grain, part of Finnish food industry group Apetit, has received food authorisation for its rapeseed-based plant protein and fibre powder. Called BlackGrain from Yellow Fields, the product is the result of several years of product development and comes packed with excellent nutritional values. It is vegan, gluten-, GMO- and soya-free, dark in colour, and mild in taste, making it suitable as a value-added product for many food applications. The plan is now to start small-scale production of BlackGrain to test the product with potential clients and continue to evaluate its commercial potential.

Akkurate secures EUR 1.2 million in financing

Four young men standing in front of wall that says 'Akkurate'
Finnish lithium-ion battery diagnostics provider Akkurate has received investments from Fortum’s Valkea Growth Club, Finnish Industry Investment (Tesi) and existing investors including Lifeline Ventures. The funding will support Akkurate’s growth and product development, as well as complement its battery analytics expertise with Fortum’s knowhow in electrification based on renewable sources. The aim of both companies is to support the circular economy by promoting the efficient use of lithium-ion batteries throughout their lifetime.

Zurich Invest choses FA Solutions as technology partner

A financial graph on top of an image of hands working on a laptop
Helsinki-headquartered FA Solutions has been selected as the asset management technology partner of Zurich Invest, a major asset management firm in Switzerland. FA Solutions has worked with Zurich Invest over the last year to launch new processes with its cloud-based software platform. The partnership will continue to support the growth of specialised investment solutions and enable the Swiss player to streamline its operations. FA Solutions’ clientele includes major banks, asset managers and institutional investors in 15 different countries.

Finnish AI solution helps medical staff kill cancer cells

A doctor looking at a tablet
Researchers from Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and the University of Turku in Finland have developed a machine learning model enabling medical professionals to identify the best drugs to combine with other cancer therapies. The advantages of combinational drug therapies are well documented, but the adoption of such therapies has been mired by the high cost and meticulous work required to screen for suitable combinations. Click the headline to read our article on the Finnish breakthrough.

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