Helene Schjerfbeck painting in a biopic
 A drama film about Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck will be released in Sweden this summer. Image: Cinematic

DAILY BRIEF: Less toxicity on social media with Utopia, art, industry and home delivery

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Utopia Analytics, Orion, Wärtsilä, Valmet, Wolt and Finnish film make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Utopia Analytics facilitates moderation on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, Orion’s prostate cancer drug gets green light from the EU, Wärtsilä and Valmet innovate in industry, Antti J. Jokinen’s Helene is to premiere in Sweden, and Wolt expands home deliveries with beauty products. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Utopia Analytics helps social media firms during COVID-19

Finnish AI company Utopia Analytics is offering major social media companies help to combat hate speech on their platforms during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Utopia AI Moderator tool is now available to one social media giant at a cost for as long as the crisis lasts. It takes Utopia around two weeks to customise the tool, which learns the customer’s unique moderation policy and is capable of analysing text in any language to detect hate speech, toxic content and any other unwanted content.

Orion’s Nubeqa prostate cancer drug receives EU approval

Nubeqa (darolutamide) is a new prostate cancer treatment jointly developed by Finland’s Orion Corporation and Germany’s Bayer. The drug is used to treat men with prostate cancer who are at high risk of developing metastatic disease. It has a distinct chemical structure that hinders the growth of prostate cancer cells and limits the side effects, so patients can get on with their everyday lives. Nubeqa has now been granted a marketing authorisation in the EU and is already approved in the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Japan. Image: Bayer

Wärtsilä signs significant ship technology deal in Japan

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has agreed to a licence and co-operation deal with Kuribayashi Steamship and its partners for the future development, sales and servicing of their gate rudder technology. A gate rudder is a twin arrangement that can be fitted to any vessel with a conventional propeller to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Wärtsilä now intends to fully integrate gate rudders with its propulsion product designs and introduce the combined solution to global markets, which will help the shipping industry meet sustainability targets and bring down operating costs. Image: Wärtsilä

Valmet wins paper mill order in South Korea

Finnish company Valmet will supply a new sizing section with a hard-nip sizer to Asia Paper Manufacturing’s Sihwa Mill in South Korea. The section will be used for a paper machine that is being rebuilt to increase the strength properties of produced container and gypsum board grades. The start-up is scheduled for the second half of 2021. Valmet hasn’t released the value of the order, but one of this type is usually worth 5–10 million euros. Image: Valmet

Finnish biopic Helene acquired in Sweden

Antti J. Jokinen’s Helene, a drama about famous Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck (Laura Birn), will be released in Sweden this summer after its rights were bought by NonStop Entertainment. The film has enjoyed great success in Finland, where more than 177 000 cinemagoers have watched it since its premiere in January. The film is set in 1915 and follows Schjerfbeck’s passionate love affair and growth as an artist. NonStop Entertainment has previously released Dome Karukoski’s Tom of Finland. Image: Picture Tree

Wolt starts beauty product deliveries in Helsinki

Finnish food delivery company Wolt has started to bring Lumene and Nordic Beauty Import cosmetic products to customers who are staying at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can choose from over 40 beauty products to be delivered to their doorstep in Helsinki and the greater capital area. Wolt has previously also delivered design products, but this is the first time it has ventured over to cosmetics. To read more about it, follow the link in the headline to our breaking news article. Image: Wolt

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