An illustration of Wärtsilä's smart marine ecosystem
 Wärtsilä has recently focused on smart and sustainable solutions in the energy and maritime sectors. Image: Wärtsilä

DAILY BRIEF: Innovation awarded, strategy change, student wellbeing, data centres and record funding

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Wärtsilä, Reaktor, Taival, Mightifier, Finnish data centres and Wolt make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Reaktor and Taival announce a partnership, Equinix expands data centres in Finland, Mightifier starts a school collaboration in Mexico, Wärtsilä wins a global award, and Wolt breaks a Finnish funding record. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Reaktor and Taival bring strategy up to speed

Taival team members on a rooftop

Helsinki-based strategy advisory company Taival has partnered with Reaktor, a strategy, design and technology consultancy with roots in Finland. The collaboration offers clients a new strategy approach better fit for the fast pace of change in today’s business landscape. Taival has also raised 300 000 euros in seed funding, with Reaktor as the lead investor, which will help it to expand its team and operations. The so-called strategic operations approach adapts to changes in the operating environment by continuously developing, executing and realigning the strategy. Image: Taival

Equinix invests EUR 32 million in Finnish data centres

An Equinix data centre cabinet

Data centre company Equinix has invested 32 million euros to expand the capacity of its two International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres, HE5 and HE7, in Finland. Equinix has now invested a total of 147 million euros in its data centres in the country to meet the growing demand from local and international customers driven by digitalisation. Pandemic-driven remote work has also resulted in a spike in demand for network services. The latest investment is part of Equinix’s growth strategy in the Nordic region, with Finland offering a good location to reach the 27 million consumers in the region. The expansion also supports Finland’s position as a connection hub between Europe, the Baltics and Russia. Image: Equinix

Mightifier starts school collaboration in Mexico

School children interact with teacher

Finnish education technology company Mightifier has started a collaboration with Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School in Mexico. Mightifier is providing social-emotional learning tools to the school to allow teachers to track the emotional wellbeing of children and improve learning outcomes, a task that is even more crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data-supported tools have been co-created with Finnish teachers, school leaders and students, and enable students to practise active empathy by providing positive peer-to-peer feedback on character strengths such as honesty, compassion, growth mindset, self-regulation and social intelligence. The solution also allows teachers to identify potential issues around student safety and social isolation. Image: Pexels

Wärtsilä wins Global MIKE innovation award

Wärtsilä employees working on a piece of mechanical equipment

Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has won the prestigious Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award. The award recognised Wärtsilä among the 20 best companies in the world at implementing managerial practices that promote innovation, not only within the group but also across its global network of universities, business partners, customers and other strategic partners. Wärtsilä has been responsible for numerous smart and sustainable initiatives in the maritime and energy sectors in recent years. Image: Wärtsilä

Wolt lands record EUR 440 million in funding

A Wolt food courier

Food delivery service Wolt has closed a 440 million-euro funding round, a record amount for a Finnish company, bringing its tally since its launch in 2015 up to 707 million euros. The funding came from new and existing investors and will be used to cement Wolt’s position in the intensely competitive food delivery market. Click the headline and read what the funding means for this Finnish success story. Image: Wolt