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 The University of Turku has entered into a licensing agreement and received EU funding.

DAILY BRIEF: Healthcare strides, positioning tech, top vodka award, microplastics and youth activity

All the daily Finnish business news that works: the University of Turku, Quuppa, Koskenkorva, Valmet and the City of Helsinki make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Quuppa secures significant coin, Altia‘s Koskenkorva flavour is awarded in a top spirits contest, Valmet supports a microplastics solution, the University of Turku announces news in medicine, and Helsinki develops an app to activate youth. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Quuppa raises EUR 20 million for positioning tech

Quuppa black positioning tag.

Finnish provider of real-time location systems Quuppa has raised 20 million euros in its first funding round. The funding was gathered from Finland-based Bocap and Tech Consulting Group (TCG), and will be used towards meeting the company’s ambitious growth targets in the coming years. Quuppa’s positioning technology can track Bluetooth-enabled devices with centimetre-level accuracy in real time, which has an increasing number of use cases in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, smart buildings and sports. Image: Quuppa

Koskenkorva vodka flavour wins top global recognition

Koskenkorva bottle with glass and ingredients on table.

Koskenkorva Vodka Lemon Lime Yarrow has been named among the world’s top three vodkas in one of the most prestigious spirits competitions, the UK-based International Spirits Challenge (ISC). The 25th edition of the annual contest recently revealed the top gins, vodkas and rums, with the Finnish vodka one of three out of the 109 entries in the category to receive the coveted Double Gold Medal. The vodka combines a rich citrus flavour with a floral note from Yarrow, a plant native to the Northern Hemisphere. Image: Nordic Spirits

Valmet provides automation for microplastics solution

Drawing of ECOFARIO's pilot plant.

Valmet is supporting German startup ECOFARIO with automation for its new technology that removes up to 99.9 per cent of microplastics from wastewater. The agreement will see the Finnish company supply automation to ECOFARIO’s first industrial pilot plant and offer its automation exclusively for future installations. Munich-based ECOFARIO was awarded as Germany’s most sustainable startup in 2020. Image: Valmet

University of Turku announces big news in healthcare

Researcher in laboratory collecting substance from test tube.

The University of Turku has signed a significant drug development licensing agreement with an international pharmaceutical company. Researchers at the university’s faculty of medicine have discovered a novel mechanistic basis for the targeting of CIP2A, an oncoprotein that drives malignant growth and cancer drug resistance in several cancer types. The mechanism is also relevant in other diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The Finnish university has also received almost 400 000 euros in EU funding to help to develop nurse educator education in Europe. The University of Eastern Finland is a partner in the initiative that seeks to harmonise and improve the education with general standards and guidelines. Image: Unsplash

Helsinki helps to activate youth with new app

Two people holding up phones with Harrastuspassi app.

The City of Helsinki is launching an app designed to make it easy for young people in their final few years of basic education to find hobbies and activities they enjoy and, consequently, combat social exclusion. Read more by clicking the headline. Image: Harrastuspassi

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