Woman putting on roller skates on the back of an electric car
 GreenMobility has brought the first electric car sharing service to Finland. Image: GreenMobility

DAILY BRIEF: Green mobility, quantum computing, international film, IoT, healthtech and language apps

All the Finnish business news that works: Finnish film industry, IQM, EpiHeart, tech expertise in Salo, electric car sharing and Finnish language services make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


IQM leads a quantum computing project in Europe, Finland continues its growth in the international film industry, Sequans Communications opens an R&D facility in Salo, EpiHeart raises seed funding, GreenMobility launches an electric car sharing service in Helsinki, and GNF looks at Finnish language services. Click on the headlines for more info about each news item.

IQM leads European quantum computing consortium

An illustration of three white containers with quantum computers inside

Finnish quantum computer hardware startup IQM is leading a consortium of companies, research centres, supercomputing centres and academia to accelerate Europe’s quantum leadership efforts. The consortium has been awarded 12.4 million euros by the German Ministry of Education and Research to commercialise application-specific quantum processors. In one of the largest efforts worldwide, Germany announced two billion euros of funding in quantum programmes in June 2020. The four-year IQM-led project looks to fast-track the commercialisation of viable quantum computers, including by developing a 54-qubit quantum processor. Image: IQM

Finland’s role on global film scene grows

Brick buildings by a river at night

Finland’s film industry received a big boost last year when Dual became the first American production to be filmed in its entirety in the country. The American company behind the upcoming sci-fi film, XYZ Films, was pleased with the production in Finnish city Tampere and has plans for a new horror film to be filmed in Finland. It will include some big-name actors similarly to Dual, which features Karen Gillan (Avengers) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). Plans are in motion to build a film network in Finland that in addition to Tampere will include at least Helsinki and Oulu. Elsewhere, Tampere-based Troll VFX has been awarded a contract to provide the special effects for upcoming Netflix film The Trip, starring Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie. Image: Laura Vanzo

Sequans opens R&D facility in Finland

A microchip

Sequans Communications, a leading provider of 5G and 4G solutions for broadband, critical and massive IoT, has established a new subsidiary in Salo, Finland, in order to support its core development work on 5G and 4G IoT semiconductor solutions. The company expects to triple the size of its team in Finland by the end of 2021. Sequans’ eleventh site worldwide, the new facility will have a team that works closely with the R&D engineering team at the company’s headquarters in Paris. Image: Pixabay

EpiHeart secures seed funding

A white box-like medical device on a table

Finnish medical technology startup EpiHeart has raised 608 000 euros in seed funding through the Invesdor platform. The company will use the funds to develop its cardiac treatment equipment and expand its patient trials. Its equipment supports cardiac micrograft therapy administered during heart surgery, a new method that uses the patient’s own cardiac tissue to support the healing of cardiac damage. The equipment was developed based on years of research at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital HUS. Image: EpiHeart

GreenMobility launches electric car sharing service in Helsinki

Woman with suitcase walking over to an electric car

Danish startup GreenMobility has launched the first electric car sharing service in Helsinki. The company started with 25 Renault Zoes in December and looks to expand the fleet to 200 by the end of 2021. The service works with an app with which users can book a car and unlock the vehicle once they are within range. The fee covers all costs including charging and parking. GreenMobility is currently operating in six cities in Denmark, Sweden and Belgium, having expanded to the Finnish capital with the help of Helsinki Business Hub. Image: GreenMobility

Five From Finland: Language services

Man looks at a blackboard with words in different languages

In our weekly Five From Finland series, we look at language-related solutions developed by Finland’s Sanako, WordDive, Playvation, Transfluent and Chabla. The solutions use high technology and Moomins to promote language learning and even make phone calls possible for people who rely on sign language. Read about the Finnish innovations by clicking the headline. Image: Adobe

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