Old tree with mushrooms basking in the sun.
 The Finnish games industry has come together to protect forests in southern Finland and Finnish Lapland. Image: Teemu Haila

DAILY BRIEF: Games for forests, virtual sauna tours, industry, telecom and sustainable foods

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Game awards, Saunakonkeli, KONE, Nokia and sustainable food innovations make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Saunakonkeli organises virtual sauna tours in Japan, KONE and Nokia win deals in their respective industries, game studios and forests are the winners at the Finnish Game Awards, and sustainable food innovations grow in fertile Finnish ground. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Virtual Finnish sauna tours raise interest in Japan

Two men sitting outside a sauna

A Finnish-Japanese collaboration is launching virtual sauna tours in the sauna capital of the world, Tampere. The tours are organised by local sauna experience company Saunakonkeli together with Japanese tour operator Eco Conscious Japan, with the first one nearly sold out already. Three highly interactive tours have been announced for this autumn, including a virtual trip from Japan to Tampere, bike rides to local saunas, live discussions and sounds of, for example, water landing on hot stones. Virtual tours are steadily gaining popularity and are offered in greater numbers due to travel restrictions in place worldwide. Image: Visit Tampere

KONE to equip new metro line in Chongqing, China

People on a escalator.

KONE will deliver 83 escalators and 20 elevators for the second phase of Metro Line 6 in Chongqing, southwest China. The line will provide an important connection to Liangjiang New Area, an important business, culture and tourism hub in northern parts of Chongqing. The second phase of the project spans over 14 kilometres and seven stops to be be equipped with the Finnish company’s escalators and elevators. The contract also includes two years of standard maintenance. Image: KONE

Nokia supports telecom partners worldwide

Antenna tower high in the sky.

Nokia has announced new deals with 3 Indonesia and Sunrise Communications. The Finnish company is working with 3 Indonesia to optimise and expand its LTE network coverage and capacity via a new Zero Drive Test solution. The fully automated solution will reduce CO2 emission by replacing conventional drive tests on the road while delivering more detailed insights on network performance. Swiss operator Sunrise Communications has also turned to Nokia and deployed the company’s converged charging software to be able to more rapidly package, price and promote a wide range of consumer and business services, including emerging 5G and Internet of Things innovations. Image: Pixabay

Finnish games awarded and the Forest of Games unveiled

Inside a forest.

At the 25th Finnish Game Awards gala held digitally this year, the best Finnish games and developers were recognised and a forest conservation project unveiled. Remedy’s internationally acclaimed Control emerged with the most awards, including Finnish Game of the Year and Best Big Screen Game. The games industry also announced the Pelimetsä (Forest of Games) project, in which game developers have protected over 1.2 square kilometres of old Finnish forest with a record-breaking donation of nearly 500 000 euros to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. The initiative will continue as an official part of the Finnish Game Developers’ Association. Image: Teemu Haila

Finnish sustainable food innovations on the menu

Person holding up pulled oats food.

Finnish innovators are creating sustainable food solutions that are both good for the environment and humans. Dig into the subject with our feature article by clicking the headline. Image: Gold&Green Foods

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