Wolt courier delivering food on a bike
 Employees in Finland can now pay for Wolt food deliveries with their ePassi lunch benefits. Image: Wolt
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DAILY BRIEF: Food for thought, future driving, healthtech and digital therapy

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Siili Auto, Evondos, Meru Health, Wolt, ePassi and Medified make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Siili Auto and Italian car designer Pininfarina showcase the future of driving, Evondos and Meru Health secure significant investments, Wolt and ePassi start mobile payments collaboration, and Medified trials its depression treatment app in Finland. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Meru Health raises USD 8.1 million

Finnish digital therapy platform Meru Health has raised 8.1 million US dollars (approx. 7.5 million euros) in a Series A funding round led by Foundry Group, with participation from Slack and Bold Capital. Offering home exercises and direct contact with therapists, the mental health platform is a clinically proven treatment programme for depression, anxiety and burnout. Meru Health’s complete approach combines the latest therapy modalities with biofeedback, sleep science and nutritional psychiatry to achieve long-lasting effects. Image: Meru Health

Evondos secures investment from Verdane

Finland’s Evondos, the Nordic leader in automated medicine dispensing services for elderly home care clients, has secured an investment from growth equity investor Verdane. Evondos is the partner of choice of home care providers in over 200 regions and municipalities in the Nordics due to the safety and reliability of its automated medicine dispensing service, which also improves the medical adherence of patients. This enables caregivers to devote more time to much-needed social interaction during visits and other important parts of the service. With the help of the partnership with Verdane, Evondos aims to extend its leadership status to Northern Europe. Image: Evondos

Wolt delivery payments now possible with ePassi

Finnish food delivery service Wolt and ePassi, the leading Finnish mobile payments service for employee benefits, have started a collaboration. The over half a million employees using ePassi in Finland are now able to pay for food orders through the Wolt app and website with their ePassi lunch benefits and personal balance. The payment option has to be activated only once to become available. The service is especially useful during the coronavirus outbreak, as many employees are working from home. Image: Wolt

Siili Auto and Pininfarina launch futuristic cockpit demo

Finnish company Siili Auto has collaborated with Italian car design firm Pininfarina and its partner ART to showcase the future user experience of autonomous driving. The result is AutonoMIA, a highly responsive, multi-sensory on-board experience demonstrator that was originally to be launched at the Geneva International Motor Show. Siili Auto was responsible for implementing all application software and user interface based on the specifications of Pininfarina. AutonoMIA is designed to meet all user needs, from parking to refuelling or recharging, and includes a wide range of communication and entertainment systems that come with customised functions for each user. It is all made possible with two innovative driver screens that are also designed to minimise safety risks while driving or being driven autonomously. Image: Pininfarina

Novel depression treatment app tested in Finland

A novel application that helps people suffering from depression is being trialled in the City of Oulu’s healthcare services. The software developed by Finnish healthtech company Medified provides the user with realistic information about their mental wellbeing, while healthcare professionals can monitor their patients’ progress remotely. Read more about it in our breaking news article by clicking the link in the headline. Image: Medified

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