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DAILY BRIEF: Electric aviation, wood-based plastic, Nordic acquisition and best climate city Turku

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Woodly, Nordic Healthcare Group, Finavia, Helsinki Electric Aircraft Association and the City of Turku make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Woodly’s wood-based plastic packaging is tested in K Group shops, Nordic Healthcare Group makes an acquisition in Denmark, Finavia and the Helsinki Electric Aircraft Association charge ahead with electric aviation, and Turku is selected as the best climate city in Europe. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Woodly’s wood-based plastic introduced in K Group shops

Finnish cleantech company Woodly’s wood-based plastic material is being tested in selected K-food shops. Since the beginning of June, 10 000 Pirkka rose begonia products have been wrapped in the material instead of oil-based plastic. Woodly’s carbon-neutral material is based on cellulose extracted from sustainably managed forests. Image: Woodly / Facebook

Nordic Healthcare Group strengthens position in Nordics

Finnish company Nordic Healthcare Group has acquired Denmark-based Health Innovation Institute (H2I). The two providers of advisory services in the healthcare sector will combine their expertise in healthcare data benchmarking and digital services. H2I is a growing company with forecast revenues of approximately 1.5 million euros in 2020 and a clientele including hospitals, municipalities, pharmaceutical and technology companies. With the acquisition, Nordic Healthcare Group will employ more than 130 people in the Nordics. Image: Unsplash

Finavia looks towards electric aviation in Finland

Finnish airport company Finavia has signed a co-operation agreement with the Helsinki Electric Aircraft Association to introduce a new generation of electric aircraft in Finland. The objective is first to speed up the introduction of electric aviation domestically, as the first electric passenger aircraft are best suited for shorter flights. The first electric aircraft tested in Finland was the two-seat Pipistrel Alpha Electro, which took off two years ago from Malmi Airport in Helsinki. Image: Finavia

Turku chosen as best climate city

Finnish city Turku has been named the best mid-sized climate city at the European Covenant Awards 2020. Read our full report by clicking the headline. Image: City of Turku

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