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 Nightingale is a health technology company that uses advanced blood testing to build preventive health solutions. Image: Nightingale

DAILY BRIEF: COVID-19 test, cybersecurity, funding, research and preventive care

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Actim, SSH.COM, Nightingale Health and the University of Helsinki make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Actim’s scalable COVID-19 test is approved in Europe, SSH.COM’s cyber security solution is granted another patent, Nightingale Health secures funding, and Finnish researchers lead an EU project on disease prevention. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Actim’s novel COVID-19 test receives CE marking

Actim's coronavirus test in a box

Finnish diagnostics company Actim has secured CE marking for a serologic test it has developed to offer highly reliable and efficient means of mass testing for COVID-19. The test identifies all individuals who have been infected, including those without symptoms, which is essential for analysing and managing the pandemic. The test is based on a method called enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and detects coronavirus infections from serum samples by measuring the immune reaction against the virus. The assay enables mass testing for up to 80 samples at once and gives semi-quantitative results in less than two hours. Image: Actim

SSH’s PrivX solution granted another EU patent

A computer with its screen pulled down

The European Patent Office has granted SSH.COM a further patent for PrivX, a solution that removes the need for permanent privileged credentials and passwords, which are easily compromised. It instead relies on temporary certificate-based access that enables extremely high security by authenticating users just in time based on their roles and entitlements, and using certificates that expire after the authentication is complete. Image: Unplash

Nightingale Health raises EUR 8.8 million

Woman using the Nightingale application on her phone

Nightingale Health has raised 8.8 million euros in funding from a group of Finnish private investors, including the chairperson of the board of Nightingale, Timo Soininen, Markku Kaloniemi, Mikko Kodisoja, the Langenskiöld family investment firm and Leena Niemistö, who will join the company’s board. Nightingale is a health technology company that uses advanced blood testing to build preventive health solutions. The company is currently investigating the possibility of listing its shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Image: Nightingale Health

Finnish-led EU project looks to AI and genomics for disease prevention

Dr. Andrea Ganna from the University of Helsinki

INTERVENE, a research project coordinated by the University of Helsinki, has been awarded over 10 million euros from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The collaborative project looks to develop next-generation tools for the prevention, diagnosis and personalised treatment of diseases with powerful artificial intelligence technologies and genomics data. A main focal point will be to develop and test the validity of improved genetic risk scores that identify individuals with an elevated disease risk. Read more about the project by clicking the headline. Image: Jouko Siro

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