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 BrightCharger keeps battery charging in check. Image: BrightCharger

DAILY BRIEF: Battery saviour, COVID-19 blood test, health, kids’ science and Finnish forest expertise

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Nightingale Health, Kide Science, BrightCharger, Kaiku Health and VTT make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


Nightingale Health is to launch a preventive solution for COVID-19, Kide Science is integrated into a new kids’ education tablet, BrightCharger secures a patent in Europe, Kaiku Health supports cancer rehabilitation in Switzerland, and VTT takes part in an international research project. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Nightingale Health to launch COVID-19 screening solution

Nightingale Health app with health figures

Finnish biotech company Nightingale Health will roll out a new preventive screening solution for COVID-19 in the autumn of 2020. It is based on Nightingale’s blood test that detects the likelihood of a healthy person developing a severe COVID-19 infection, enabling the targeting of preventive actions to those most vulnerable to the virus whilst helping the working population to return to work and governments to ease lockdowns. The test was developed based on the analyses of over 100 000 samples in the UK Biobank. Image: Nightingale Health

Kide Science connects with new kids’ education tablet

Finnish early science education company Kide Science has started collaboration on a new kids’ education tablet that is to be launched in September by TCL Communications. The tablet is fitted with innovative technology and expert-curated content from high-quality educational software vendors made for families with 3–10-year-old children. Kide Science develops the scientific thinking skills of young children with engaging hands-on experiments that solve real science problems.

BrightCharger secures patent for charging control invention

Woman sleeping next to BrightCharger device

Finnish startup BrightCharger Europe has been granted a patent for its charging control invention by the European Patent Office. The startup has also announced its continued collaboration with ABB as a full member of ABB’s SynerLeap innovation hub. BrightCharger’s solution promises to extend the life of batteries in devices by cutting power once the battery is optimally charged while preventing overcharging and its associated risks. The technology can be integrated directly into wall outlets and device chargers, and the chip-based design makes it independent of device, battery type and voltage. Image: BrightCharger

Kaiku Health extends partnership in Switzerland

Person with tablet in hands

Finnish digital health company Kaiku Health has extended its collaboration with Hirslanden Radiotherapy in Switzerland to support the rehabilitation of cancer patients. Kaiku Health’s platform has been used for digital symptoms management and personalised care in a pilot programme at Hirslanden’s clinic in Aarau. The rehabilitation project aims to restore patients’ physical, social and mental wellbeing during and after cancer treatments. Image: Kaiku Health

Finnish experts help look for green uses for enzymes

Rows of trees in a forrest

Experts from Finland, Austria and Norway have put their heads together to develop innovative and sustainable enzyme-based solutions for refining wood to high-performance materials. Read our full report by clicking the headline. Image: Pexels

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