November 10, 2020

DAILY BRIEF: Arctic Wars doc, investments, patents, icebreakers and future food production

Man studying untouched WW2 remains in Arctic nature
The six-part Untold Arctic Wars documentary series sheds light on battles that took place in the Arctic during World War 2.
Eemeli Hepola

All the daily Finnish business news that works: NTRNZ media, Orion, Lunawood, BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes, Aker Arctic and VTT make headlines.

Orion and Lunawood invest in Finnish production, BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes secures a patent in the US, NTRNZ media signs a global distribution deal, Aker Arctic will build next-generation icebreakers, and VTT is awarded for a new high-value protein production method.

Orion invests EUR 17 million in Turku production plants

Two scientists looking at samples

Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion is upgrading operations at its production plant in Turku by investing in a new cancer drug packaging line and expanding its cream production department. The investments totalling 17 million euros are also going towards a new pure water system and district heating centre for the plant. The investments are made as demand for the company’s products is increasing globally. The district heating centre will also help the company to significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Orion has invested around 160 million euros in its Finnish production in the past five years.


NTRNZ media signs global distribution deal

Man filming WW2 remains in the Arctic

Finnish creative house NTRNZ media has signed a global deal for its documentary series Untold Arctic Wars with TVF International, the UK’s largest independent distributor. The TV rights for the series have previously been sold in all Nordic countries except Iceland. In Untold Arctic Wars, prominent military history experts Mika Kulju and Lars Gyllenhaal dive deep into the archives and travel to remote locations to study the impact conflicts in the Arctic had on the course of the Second World War. The series has been filmed in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia, with more material to be shot in Central Europe and North America. NTRNZ media reveals that the series will feature new historical discoveries that shed light on the conflicts that occurred in the northern region.

Eemeli Hepola

Lunawood invests EUR 6 million in Finnish mills

Wood mill from above

Lunawood, a Finnish pioneer in the thermal modification of wood, is investing six million euros in its mills in Finland. At its Kaskinen mill, Lunawood is investing in a new thermotreatment kiln that will increase the mill’s production by about 35 per cent. The company is also investing in two kilns at its Iisalmi mill, which was damaged in a fire that broke out in September 2020. Thermowood is a wood material produced using natural methods, heat and steam that improve the wood’s properties.


Bioactive Bone Substitutes’ patent is approved in US

Fingers pressing on injection device

Finnish biotech company BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes has received an approval for a patent for its ARTEBONE invention in the US. The product is a bone graft substitute that can be used to treat bone defects and promote bone healing. The development is significant for BBS as the US is the most significant market for orthopaedic products. ARTEBONE is now protected by patents in all major markets globally.

BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes

Aker Arctic to design next-gen icebreakers in Nordics

An icebreaker opening a route in the ice for a vessel

The Swedish Maritime Administration and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency have chosen Aker Arctic for the design of next-generation icebreakers. The deal is part of the nations’ joint procurement process to modernise their existing fleets, as additional ice-breaking capacity is required to meet new challenges in the Baltic Sea. Check out our article on the endeavour by clicking the headline.


VTT recognised for animal-freely produced egg white protein

Spoon with fluffy white substance

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has been recognised for its animal-free method to produce high-value protein at EARTO Innovation Awards 2020, a competition for socially and economically significant innovations held by the European Association of Research & Technology. Scientists at VTT expect cellular agriculture to disrupt food production like the agricultural revolution did in past centuries. Read more about it in our article by clicking the headline.


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