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 Light Cognitive has received a patent for its LED-technology that imitates natural light dynamically. Image: Light Cognitive

DAILY BRIEF: An indoor light boost, Nordic startups in Japan, telemedicine, AI and BBQs for loan

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Light Cognitive, Top Data Science, Nordic Innovation House, VideoVisit, Finnish AI research and BBQ grills for loan make headlines.

Rasmus Hetemäki


LightCognitive secures a patent, Top Data Science’s AI video solution is used in Japan, VideoVisit launches a partnership and remote diagnostics solution, Nordic Innovation House lands in Japan, a new AI research centre opens in Finland, and Atria donates BBQ grills to Finland’s libraries. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

Top Data Science’s video AI helps to open Tokyo event space

Top Data Science’s privacy-preserving AI video analysis solution will be used by a Japanese real estate company to re-open its event space in Tokyo. The solution can determine the number of visitors, their density and distance from each other from existing camera images in shopping centres, restaurants and other public spaces. It offers safety benefits and potential cost savings by alerting personnel and security staff whenever the number of visitors in an area has exceeded a certain threshold. The solution doesn’t use traditional face recognition techniques but preserves privacy with its novel image-to-image learning and 2D density probability predictions, which don’t identify individuals. Image: Top Data Science

Light Cognitive secures patent for natural light-like tech

Finnish company Light Cognitive has received a patent for its LED technology that imitates natural light dynamically. Suitable for any kind of indoor space, the shifting light surface has raised interest both domestically and internationally: it has been used to create a light window mimicking the sky in a luxury store in a Kuwait shopping centre, in Innovation Finland co-working spaces to increase wellbeing and energy levels, and in a Swiss hospital’s radiotherapy treatment area to provide a reassuring sunset glow that gradually changes to energy-enhancing light after treatment. Image: Light Cognitive

VideoVisit partners and launches new telemedicine solution

Finnish company VideoVisit has entered into a collaboration with Medimaging Integrated Solution (MIIS) granting it exclusive sales and marketing rights for MIIS’s remote diagnostics solution in Finland. At the same time, VideoVisit is launching its new remote diagnostics solution, VideoVisit Remote, which comprises a high-quality diagnostics camera, medical tools and a powerful workstation that can be used by healthcare professionals for patient examination and data transmission. The multi-year agreement between VideoVisit and MIIS covers collaboration both in Finland and in international markets, providing the basis for a long-term partnership in developing high-quality remote diagnostics solutions. Image: VideoVisit

Nordic Innovation House Tokyo opens doors for startups

Nordic Innovation House Tokyo is now open for startups and growth companies heading to the Japanese market. The Nordic collaborative platform offers soft-landing services to companies, including temporary co-working and office spaces, operations support, and legal and financial consulting. Business Finland and the Finnish Embassy’s services are also available on the premises. Nordic Innovation House is a collaboration between the five Nordic countries and Nordic Innovation. Image: Unsplash

Finnish AI research gets a boost from NVIDIA

The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and NVIDIA will establish a joint research centre to accelerate artificial intelligence research, education and adoption in Finland. Read more about in our breaking news article by clicking the headline. Image: University of Helsinki

Finnish libraries to lend out BBQ grills

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Finnish food company Atria is donating BBQ grills to libraries around the country for borrowing this summer. Read more about in our breaking news article by clicking the headline. Image: Atria

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