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DAILY BRIEF: Air protein, literacy, digital receipts, security, hyperspectral imaging and city trials

All the daily Finnish business news that works: iLOQ, Grapho Group, ReceiptHero, Solar Foods, Specim and the City of Helsinki make headlines.

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iLOQ provides keyless locking tech to Cellnex Telecom, Grapho Group’s literacy app launches in Brazil, ReceiptHero and Solar Foods get financed, Specim is acquired, and Helsinki opens up to real-life trials. Click on the headlines for more in-depth information about each piece of news.

iLOQ to secure Cellnex Telecom infrastructure

Industrial worker unlocking a gate with a smartphone
iLOQ has signed a long-term framework agreement to become a priority supplier for access control for Cellnex’s network of telecom masts and data centres. The agreement covers seven European countries, where iLOQ’s keyless locking system will be used to secure vital infrastructure. The battery-free solution draws the energy needed for unlocking from a smartphone running iLOQ’s mobile app. The access rights can be updated remotely in real time and multiple sites consolidated into one secure cloud-based software platform.

Grapho Group’s literacy app is launched across Brazil

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro presented with the GraphoGame on a computer
The Brazilian Portuguese-language version of Finnish company Grapho Group’s early literacy learning innovation has been launched as a free app across Brazil. The launch was announced nationwide on TV, social media and radio by Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro. A commercial agreement between Grapho Group and the Ministry of Education in Brazil enables GraphoGame to be distributed to over 11 million children speaking Brazilian Portuguese. Brazil is the latest in a growing list of countries that use the game as a national literacy resource.

ReceiptHero raises EUR 2 million in seed funding

A group of young men smile at camera
ReceiptHero has raised two million euros in seed funding in a round led by Lifeline Ventures, Superhero Capital and Vidici Ventures. The Finnish startup is on a mission to remove paper receipts and is building a platform that allows merchants to send customers digital receipts. ReceiptHero is also creating value added services on top of the receipt data and has announced it will enter Sweden and the Baltics next year.

Solar Foods raises another EUR 4.3 million in funding

A substance being produced in a metallic container
Finnish food tech startup Solar Foods has been granted 4.3 million euros by Finnish public funding agency Business Finland to support its 8.6 million-euro project for commercialising Solein, a natural protein made from air. The protein has the potential to disrupt food production as it is non-dependent on weather, climate or agriculture and uses air and electricity as its primary raw materials. Solar Foods plans to have its new production facility operational in the near future and enable the commercialisation of Solein-based food products.

Konica Minolta to acquire Specim

A range of hyperspectral cameras
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Specim, a Finnish supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions such as hyperspectral cameras, imaging spectrographs, systems and accessories. The hyperspectral imaging market is at an inflection point of rapid industrial growth, spurred by the rising adoption of machine vision. Specim has responded to this growth by offering optimised solutions for machine builders, as well as its research and airborne customers.

Helsinki opens online resource for city trials

Woman standing in an urban garden
The City of Helsinki has launched its first website with a domain ending in .helsinki, offering information on collaboration opportunities for companies eager to test their products in a real-life environment in the Finnish capital. The city offers the companies a wide variety of development environments such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Read more about the initiative by clicking the headline.

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