DAILY BRIEF: Fun science, devops, pizza, awards, university, road data and edtech

September 10, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Kide Science, Eficode, Classic Pizza, Lindex, Aalto University, RoadCloud and Finnish edtech make headlines.


Finnish edtech sector turns pandemic challenges into opportunities

September 10, 2020

Finnish edtech companies have discovered new opportunities for co-operation and development amidst an increased demand for digital learning solutions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

DAILY BRIEF: Big art win, Finnish expansion, biopharmaceuticals and space tech

September 9, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Anton Pitkänen, Airport College International, Paras Biopharma and VTT make headlines.

University of Helsinki leads Finnish contingent on World University Rankings

September 8, 2020

The University of Helsinki clinched a place in the top 100 with an overall score of 62.1 to lead a contingent of nine Finnish universities in the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2021.

DAILY BRIEF: Tasty funding and merger, IoT research, sports leadership and new Finnish museum

September 2, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Solar Foods, UROS, University of Oulu, Finnish sports leadership, Kultasuklaa, Arctic Forest Foods and Tampere make headlines.

DAILY BRIEF: Forest flavours, edtech support, IoT, digital media, trademarks and sustainable building

August 27, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Goodio, Finnish edtech, Wapice, Fiare, TrademarkNow, Fortum and Aalto University make headlines.

Kids find joy at Finnish online summer school

August 25, 2020

A contingent of Finnish educational companies has completed a joint pilot project with children in the UAE. The project sought to assess how cross-border remote learning for young children can work in practice.

DAILY BRIEF: Healthcare strides, positioning tech, top vodka award, microplastics and youth activity

August 24, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: the University of Turku, Quuppa, Koskenkorva, Valmet and the City of Helsinki make headlines.

DAILY BRIEF: Woodies of Moominvalley, big tech orders, industry, education and fair data use

August 18, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Gutsy Animations, MariMatic, Etsimo, Kalmar, Sitra and Finnish universities make headlines.

Finnish universities attract international applause

August 18, 2020

Eight Finnish universities have been included in this year’s Shanghai Ranking, including three in the top 500 worldwide.

Aalto Startup Center boosts South Korean healthtech potential

August 5, 2020

Finnish business accelerator Aalto Startup Center has teamed up with the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) to launch the Korean Startup Center.