DO I KNOW YOU? “I believe and hope these exceptional times will boost combat against climate change,” says Jukka Leskelä

October 19, 2020

According to Jukka Leskelä, the best part of being the frontman of the energy sector is to speak out for change and break the preconception that the industry is acting as an obstacle to an energy revolution. 

DO I KNOW YOU: “Music has been a great form of self-expression for Finns,” says Kaisa Rönkkö

July 1, 2020

For Kaisa Rönkkö, executive director at Music Finland, the recent months have shown the social and psychological significance of the music.

DO I KNOW YOU? “I am fascinated by the fact that disruption creates more than it destroys,” states Perttu Pölönen

April 17, 2020

Perttu Pölönen embraces a humane approach in the midst of the digital era and fosters optimism about the future in uncertain times.

DO I KNOW YOU? Mia Kemppaala fights the freeze: “Once you choose hope, anything is possible”

March 26, 2020

For Mia Kemppaala fast adaptation represents Finnishness at its best: sisu and creative flourishes arise from everyone when situations are at their most challenging.

DO I KNOW YOU? Dentist, author and entrepreneur Tarek Omran: “My philosophy is learning by doing”

March 12, 2020

Tarek Omran, post-doctoral researcher at the University of Turku, aims to write a best-selling book that combines his academic aspirations and the reasons he became an entrepreneur.

DO I KNOW YOU? “Music keeps you humble and grateful, because it’s a gift,” says Tarja Turunen

February 26, 2020

Although Finnish singer-songwriter and composer Tarja Turunen has not lived in Finland for a long time, she keeps waving the Finnish flag proudly abroad.

DO I KNOW YOU? Seoul-based celebrity Petri Kalliola: “I’m a pretty average Finnish guy”

February 12, 2020

Although Petri Kalliola is not a particularly well-known character in his homeland Finland, he is treated as a superstar in Korea, likely being the most renowned Finn in the country right after Moomintroll and Santa Claus.

DO I KNOW YOU? Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva: “Watches are not jewellery”

January 16, 2020

With moonfaces and motorcycle legends, watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva channels Finnish melancholy and darkness into his timely work.

Do I know you?

December 19, 2019

Siamäk Naghian has taken the long road home and found meaning living in Iisalmi and working as the CEO of Genelec.

Do I know you?

November 20, 2019

For Andreas Saari, the CEO of Slush, doing business is about making a difference for the future and having a conversation is about keeping quiet.

Do I know you?

November 7, 2019

The audience abroad for Finnish-Russian actress Alina Tomnikov is about to widen thanks to her acclaimed role as visually impaired character who is search of love.