A person in a zero gravity chamber wearing Varjo VR headsets
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: VR training, clean tech, design, hospitality and fast-growing Finns
A splint wrapped around a leg
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Sports aid, smart transport, funding, job recruitment and expats
An interactive 3D model of a large housing building seen from above with the different sized apartments in full view
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Construction software, education, web hosting, industry and nasal COVID-19 vaccine
A Piebalgas Alus beer bottle in a rowing boat
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Beer, top hospitals, clean energy, gaming and women’s health
A wooden school building with colourful walls
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Wooden schools, record orders, telecom software and citizen data
ePassi gathers all employee benefits in one mobile application
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Cross-industry acquisitions, finance and robotics education
A man in a protective overall sprays substance on a table
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Travel, pet food, acquisitions and testing things
Hands holding white yarn
Daily Brief
DAILY BRIEF: Textile innovation, COVID-19 and flu test, water purification, cancer research, clean shipping and better sleep
A tree cut in half following a storm
Health Technology
DAILY BRIEF: Prepare for blackouts, acquisition, health tech, 5G and green textiles