DAILY BRIEF: Accelerating sustainability, biotech, 5G, hangover remedy, logistics and education

June 16, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Faron Pharmaceuticals, Nokia, Health Hack Labs, Nurminen Logistics, Fortum, School Day, New Nordic School, Kide Science and FAN Nordic Hub make headlines.

Designers of autonomous bus GACHA win recognition

June 4, 2020

The technical solutions enabling the self-driving bus to operate rain, snow or shine have earned Sensible 4 The Finnish Engineering Award, a 30 000-euro prize given annually to engineering or architectural work that has advanced technical competence in Finland.

DAILY BRIEF: Golf’s little helper, support for beauty salons, investments, logistics and game awards

June 3, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Timma, EKE-Electronics, Playgreen Finland, Youredi, Golf GameBook, Remedy and Hempuli make headlines.

DAILY BRIEF: Supplies and innovation during the pandemic, e-sports, security and music creation

April 20, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Finnair, Fortum, Telia, Genelec and Karsa make headlines.

DAILY BRIEF: Significant funding, a partnership begins, gas is supplied and a trio taste success

February 6, 2020

All the daily Finnish business news that works: Tactotek, Howspace, Qentinel, Gasum, Solteq, Nokia and WordDive make headlines.

Five for Friday: Logistics

September 13, 2019

Finland has developed some innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of the logistics industry and is well on its way to becoming a game-changer in the field.

Robot buses to hit the streets in Helsinki

June 25, 2019

The multinational Sohjoa Baltic project has established a bus route in Helsinki for its autonomous electrical buses in a trial that will last until September. 

Cargo transport is a lot cooler thanks to Finnair

May 23, 2019

An 80 million-euro investment is ensuring that Finnish national carrier Finnair is at the forefront of logistics automation and technical expertise.

Record-breaking Port of Helsinki is Europe’s busiest

March 12, 2019

The Port of Helsinki has retained its position as the busiest international passenger port in Europe and broken a decade-old record in annual cargo traffic.

Sensible 4 and MUJI create all-weather robotbus

November 1, 2018

Finnish startup Sensible 4 and Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI are together launching an autonomous shuttle bus capable of operating in all weather conditions.

ConFoot gives container handling new legs

October 9, 2018

Handling a 30-tonne shipping container is typically a task for heavy-duty equipment. This Finnish transport innovation makes it a one-person job.