On BCaster's platform, content can be shared, analysed, tagged and described automatically.
 On BCaster’s platform, content can be shared, analysed, tagged and described automatically. Image: Istock.com / Jacob Ammentorp Lund

BCaster sprints to big funding

Finnish media platform builder BCaster has collected 1.2 million euros in funding through crowdfunding platforms in less than 24 hours.

The crowdfunding round was aimed from registered investors. With the money, the company is now focusing on its global launch, which is set to take place in March.

BCaster is a global media platform, enabling people to monetise their content whilst maintaining their online privacy. With the company’s AI-based technology, it’s possible to verify content and avoid fake news.

The recent funding raises the total amount of financing collected by BCaster to nearly two million euros.

“We have a group of investors that believe in us and with their help we have been able to fight against time and develop fast,” says CEO Janne Neuvonen, in a release. “We are grateful for that, and our purpose was to start a private round of funding for all who had registered beforehand and continue it after one week as open for everyone. In the end, we couldn’t open it to the public because bookings were over 170 per cent after the first couple of days.”

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