October 26, 2017

Attido aims for the heart of European finance

Aico uses artificial intelligence to automate laborious financial processes.
Aico uses artificial intelligence to automate laborious financial processes.

Finnish company Attido has launched a collaboration with Belgian finance consultancy firm TriFinance, to bring its financial automation solution to TriFinance’s established customer base.

Attido’s automation and robotic platform Aico uses artificial intelligence to automate financial processes and help accelerate financial period closing.

“The closing of a financial period is one of the most complicated and time-consuming economic processes,” says Marko Vuotilainen, CEO of Attido. “Financial professionals have to combine, process and analyse data from multiple systems under a strict schedule. The repetitive nature of some of the tasks and measures is a cause of frustration for many. The robotic Aico platform automates these routines.”

The collaboration agreement signed between Attido and TriFinance will be valid until 2020 on the Belgian markets.

“For us this is the first and logical step of our European growth strategy,” Vuotilainen explains. “Our target is to become the market leader in Europe. The collaboration with TriFinance brings Aico to the heart of Europe.”

Aico, which derives from artificial intelligence (AI) and co-worker (CO), was first applied to the financial industry, but will also help automate other industries such as logistics and healthcare in the future.

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