October 27, 2017

Arcusys digitalises Swedish teacher education

Arcusys is ahead of the game in the digital revolution of learning.
Arcusys is ahead of the game in the digital revolution of learning.

Finnish IT company Arcusys has won a substantial bid from the Swedish National Agency for Education, Skolverket. The company’s digital learning platform Valamis will act as the base for teacher and principal education in Sweden.

Arcusys saw Valamis come out ahead in Skolverket’s competitive bidding due to the scale and functionality of the platform in all areas, and ultimately landing the Finnish IT company the 2.2 million-euro contract.

It was the analytical capabilities of Valamis that especially singled it out from the competition, as they allow trainers to follow closely on what real impact the training has on its subjects and use the data to make improvements where it’s needed.

“This collaboration strengthens our view on the significance digitalisation will have for organisations in the future,” says Arcusys CEO, Jussi Hurskainen, in a press release. “The digital-learning market is currently growing more than 20 per cent annually.”

Arcusys is growing exponentially and is also expanding internationally, as Valamis continues to win over new customers for Arcusys and across both borders and industries.

“We have grown shoulder to shoulder with the rampant demand for digital learning solutions,” says Janne Hietala, chief commerical officer at Arcusys. “Our orders have increased by 400 per cent in the first half of the 2017 fiscal year compared to the same time period last year.”

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