June 15, 2017

Angry Birds Evolution spreads its wings globally

Rovio's Angry Birds continue their battle against nasty pigs.
Rovio's Angry Birds continue their battle against nasty pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution by Finnish Rovio has now landed in app stores worldwide, bringing along over 100 new characters to battle against the ever-evil pigs.

Angry Birds Evolution is a new spin on the global smash-hit brand. Rovio, in co-operation with Chimera Entertainment, has created over 100 new birds with multiple evolution states. Their opponents, pigs, are led by Don Bacon, whose plan is to turn the idyllic Bird Island into a hotel chain.

“These aren’t your kid sister’s birds – they are completely reimagined and redesigned to collect, train and evolve, and these birds are not to be flocked with,” the press release reads.

According to Miika Tams, product lead for Angry Birds Evolution, the new game shows how well the world of the exasperated animals resonates with not only youngsters, but an older audience as well.

The game is said to include eastern-style RPG mechanics and console quality graphics.

“RPG games are one of the key focus areas in Rovio Games, and we wanted to make Angry Birds Evolution our first title inspired by eastern RPG games,” says Reginaldo Valadares, head of Rovio Stockholm studio. “Cheeky humour, deep RPG turn-based combat, fresh art style and pop-culture references galore – Angry Birds Evolution has it all.”

In December, Rovio launched Angry Birds Blast, which was then described as “the most unputdownable Angry Birds game ever”.

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