convalescent taking medication
 Personalised medicine is increasingly being utilised as a tool for improving health and drug safety. Image: Pexels

Abomics expands into new markets

Finnish healthtech company Abomics has signed a memorandum of understanding with Marand, a Slovenian IT solutions provider for healthcare.

The collaboration seeks to provide comprehensive decision support for clinicians in Marand’s OPENeP medication module by accessing Abomics’ GeneRx database. This would enable clinicians prescribing drugs to receive an alert indicating that checking the patient’s genotype is necessary and beneficial.

The first clinical application area is planned to be mental health.

The core function of Abomics is to improve patient lives by utilising genetic data within clinical practice. It does this by leveraging the knowledge acquired from the human genome in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and medication.

Abomics and Marand are looking to explore their business collaboration further in future, first in the European countries and Russia, including in new clinical segments.

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