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VTT to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has launched a years-long project to establish an ecosystem with companies and universities with a view to acquiring the first quantum computer in Finland.

VTT coordinates project to increase value chain transparency of food products

Led by Finland’s VTT, the Smart Tags project unites a European consortium of research partners and food industry and technology developers with the goal of increasing consumer trust towards food products and systems.

VTT develops AR tool for astronauts

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has delivered an augmented reality learning and operations tool for the European Space Agency (ESA) to provide astronauts the advantages of human-machine collaboration.

VTT and Wärtsilä help power plants go acoustic

Technology group Wärtsilä and the VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland have developed solutions to decrease noise pollution from power plants, clearing the way for more decentralised energy production networks.

VTT develops wood-based filter for medicinal residues

A cellulose fibre yarn that is able to filter hormones and other pharmaceutical compounds has been patented by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, promising a solution to a difficult environmental challenge.

VTT’s new health invention is a treat

An international consortium co-funded by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a healthy snack machine that will accommodate an active lifestyle with healthy products.

Renotech and VTT reforge steel industry waste

Turku-based engineering company Renotech and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a method to reuse leftover slag from the steel industry for the needs of various energy industry applications.

VTT develops highly fire retardant coating

VTT Research Centre of Finland has developed a new highly fire retardant coating made from nanocellulose that is well suited for wood-based materials.

VTT develops online AI maturity tool

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a tool with which organisations can quickly and easily test their artificial intelligence (AI) readiness.

VTT takes on problematic feed waste

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has prototyped a cylindrical extruder to turn problematic waste into pellets.

Lift-off for partnership between VTT and ESA

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the European Space Agency (ESA) have inked a strategic partnership agreement to develop non-terrestrial 5G networks.

VTT predicts extreme events more accurately

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed an improved method for estimating the probability of extreme events, such as storms, floods and earthquakes.

VTT finds use for forestry byproducts in transport

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a sustainable solution to turn biomass waste from forestry into heat, biofuels and chemicals.

VTT and Aalto fibre technologies win EU award

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University’s new fibre production technologies have won the CO2 Reduction category at the European Commission’s RegioStars Awards.

VTT develops fully bio-based plastic replacement

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a thermally formable and biodegradable material that can be used for industrial applications, such as furniture.

VTT and Streamr develop anti-theft sticker

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Swiss technology company Streamr have utilised blockchain technology to develop a prototype adhesive ID tag to protect valuables.

Aalto and VTT funded for new CERES center

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are setting up a new bioeconomy competence centre called CERES, which has been selected for Academy of Finland flagship funding.

VTT grows birch cell cultures useful in cosmetics

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new method to produce cell cultures from birch leaves and seeds, with useful qualities for the cosmetics industry.

​VTT partners with Hitachi

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Japanese company Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding.

VTT and Neonelektro develop flexible LED displays

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Finnish tech company Neonelektro have developed a new type of flexible, lightweight and energy efficient LED display as part of a EU-funded project.

VTT awarded for bio-based packaging solution

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has been awarded 200 000 US dollars by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for its packaging solution made of cellulose.

VTT’s robot car Martti unfazed by snowy road

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully proven the competency of its automated car on a snow-covered road, making it the first such vehicle to do so.

VTT’s technology brings high-frequency costs down

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a manufacturing technology that enables cost-efficient integration of very high-frequency terahertz systems for application in telecommunications and imaging, and for smaller space instruments.

VTT takes recycling to another level

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new electronic waste recycling concept that makes use of different technologies for more efficient material recovery, including that of critical raw materials.

VTT and Hydroline smarten-up products business

Finland’s leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline is picking the brains of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, to develop networked and intelligent products that transition Hydroline from a product-centric to a service-based business model.

VTT equips itself for future of product development

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has installed plasma equipment in Tampere to develop and pilot 3D printing powders with.

VTT discovers new fibre in used cotton

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new recycling method where worn cotton is dissolved and remade into a completely new fabric.

VTT brings inflammation detection to the home

VTT Technical Research of Finland has developed a device that can measure inflammation levels quickly in the home environment.

VTT and UpCode brew digital into beer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Finnish company Upcode have collaborated to introduce sensors and functional inks to consumer goods.

VTT and Fläkt Woods control the airflow

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Fläkt Woods have developed an intelligent flow sensor that automatically controls ventilation according to demand.

VTT develops healthy cosmetics from berry seeds

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a method of recovering active substances from seed husks. The husks from berry seeds have qualities that prevent the growth of harmful microbes and can be applied to cosmetics, VTT finds.

VTT steers ship of the future to safety

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing safe steering technology for navigation systems that will automatically steer the remote monitored and controlled ships of the future.

VTT’s autonomous cars hit the roads

The automated cars ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Martti’, developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, have been road tested and are exchanging information with each other.

VTT speeds up production with new tools

The SEMTEC project, led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has developed faster, more accurate and agile computation tools and methods.

VTT creates bottles out of plants

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a method for the production of furan dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) from plant sugars.

VTT to reduce food loss with stand-up pouches

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed bio-based stand-up pouches from renewable raw materials and nanocellulose.

VTT helps create emission-free solar power chiller

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a 10 kW solar-powered chiller as part of a research project together with German company ZAE Bayern, which was successfully piloted at the head office of Finnish project sponsor Savo-Solar.

Finland’s VTT brings BALANCE to renewable power

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating a European Commission-funded project which brings together several leading European research institutes in the field of electrochemical conversion.

VTT puts paper production side streams to good use

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has examined possible industrial applications of paper and board production side streams as part of the EU’s Reffibre project, with promising results.

VTT makes waste water work

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland wants to save the nutrients and carbon in waste water, which can be worth millions.

VTT wearable sensor guides visually impaired

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a sensor device for the visually impaired that enables them to sense their environment and move around in a safer manner.

VTT creates readiness for cyber threats

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and its partners have developed solutions that improve cyber security and bring disruption-free operations to manufacturers.

VTT maps the road for smart cities

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and CIB experts have drawn up a roadmap for the development and future of smart cities.

VTT measures shopper’s intentions in-store

Finnish research centre VTT’s patent pending solution provides information on shopper behaviour that can be used to boost sales performance.

​VTT creates world’s first hyperspectral iPhone camera

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has converted an iPhone camera into a new kind of optical sensor.

VTT farms raw materials from biogas

VTT Technical Centre of Finland has developed a way in which to convert even small sources of methane-rich biogas, found on farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants, into raw material that can be used for protein-rich food, feed or bioplastic.

Rolls-Royce and VTT get together for smart ships

Rolls-Royce and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have announced a strategic partnership to design, test and validate the first generation of remote and autonomous ships.

VTT’s new methods take privacy to a new level

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed new types of encryption methods for improving the privacy protection of consumers.

VTT and Aalto University help transform textile waste into consumer products

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University are participating in an EU project that is recycling and developing high-performance fibres.

VTT and Japanese research organisation continue co-operation

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have signed a memorandum of understanding to continue joint research projects and researcher exchange.

VTT engages in bioeconomy collaboration with Scion from New Zealand

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the New Zealand-based research centre Scion have signed a collaboration agreement.

VTT’s smart reflector controlled with smartphone

The traditional light-reflecting reflector will soon be a thing of the past, as the Internet of Things (IoT) adds new functionalities to it.

VTT’s innovation enhances interaction between human and robot

The quick-control system developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland shortens substantially the programming time for industrial robots, enabling the use of automation also in short production runs.

VTT developed virtual display for eyeglasses

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new display that brings visual information directly into the user’s field of vision, as a high-definition image on an eyeglass lens.

VTT introduces an innovation for wearable technology industry

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new method for the needs of wearable tech and cosmetics industry.

New VTT partnership supports investments between Finland and China

VTT Ventures and the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS) have signed a partnership to support cross-border Venture investments between Finland and China.

VTT among Europe’s top research and technology organisations

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has been selected as Finland’s best and Europe’s fifth best research and technology organisation by European Research Ranking. The ranking lists of European Research Ranking are based on the EU Commission’s CORDIS database that focusses on research and development activity.

VTT’s decorative tree harvests solar energy

Solar energy can be now harvested from one’s work desk and thanks to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s new invention; it is possible to turn that energy into electricity.

VTT mass develops flexible solar panels

Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a mass production method for flexible organic solar panels, based on printing technologies.

VTT adapts pavements to cope with cold and wet

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland says it has developed permeable pavements to reduce the problems caused by storm and runoff water in urban areas.

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Finnish AI research gets boost from NVIDIA

The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and NVIDIA have announced the establishment of a joint research centre to accelerate artificial intelligence research, education and adoption in Finland.

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Finnish research helps catch microplastics

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has announced it has developed a nanocellulose-based method to detect and capture microplastics even before they enter waterways and start accumulating in the bodies of fishes and other water animals.

Finnish researchers help develop renewable food packaging

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has teamed up with Arla Foods, Paulig and Wipak to develop innovative packaging for the food industry from cellulose and fatty acids.

Finnish research looks for fast and early diagnosis of COVID-19

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has commenced development of a rapid test for the coronavirus together with MeVac, the joint vaccine research centre of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) and the University of Helsinki

Finnish research focuses on COVID-19

Universities in Finland are making progress in the race to understand and mitigate the new coronavirus.


Discover these fine Finnish innovations in order to stay fire safe.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Women scientists

On a mission to help society and companies to grow through technological innovation, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is famous across Europe for its ground-breaking research, much of which is led by women scientists.

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Slush 2019 through a lens

This year’s Slush was a visual feast of light, colour, ideas and palpable buzz.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Finland’s startup scene

On a global scale, Finland might be a small country by population, but it is also a hotbed for innovation talent, home to a strong startup ecosystem and host to some of the world’s coolest startup events.

The daily brief: 4 November 2019

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Cuitu shines a light on innovative fashion

Plenty of eco-friendly raw materials are bubbling under the surface of the fashion industry, and Finland’s Cuitu wants to find use and users for them.

Finns break ground with novel biomaterial

Scientists at Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a bio-based material that can offer a biodegradable alternative to plastic and be applied in medicine, packaging and textiles.

Finnish solution prevents beer bottle explosions

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a genetic test for brewers to detect contaminant yeasts that may cause beer bottles and cans to explode.

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The daily brief: 26 June 2019

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Instant food production trialled in Finland

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a mini cupcake factory prototype to demonstrate hyper-personalised and instant food production.

Finland develops sustainable plastic recycling technology

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully demonstrated a chemical recycling technology that promises to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to incineration.

Five for Friday: Autonomous vehicles

The road is open ahead for Finnish innovations that are contributing to the development of unmanned cars here and abroad.

Voima Ventures establishes EUR 50 million fund

Espoo-based Voima Ventures has announced the launch of a 50 million-euro multi-stage fund focused solely on deep tech startups in the Nordics and the Baltic region.

Infinited Fiber Company raises EUR 3.7 million

Finnish startup Infinited Fiber Company (IFC) has raised 3.7 million euros in funding. The investors include H&M Group, Fortum and Virala.

Spinnova awarded for world-changing idea

Finnish company Spinnova has developed a sustainable fibre innovation that has been recognised with a World Changing Ideas Award by Fast Company.

Finnish-British co-op opens doors for AI research

The Alan Turing Institute and Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to join forces in Turing’s data-centric engineering programme.

Five for Friday: Plant-based innovations

Green walls, hydroponic plants, herbs, bottles and cholesterol-lowering foodstuffs – it has got to be plants from Finland.

Finnish expertise helps detect stomach cancer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has collaborated with eight organisations to develop a prototype of the SniffPhone, a small sensory device that can detect stomach cancer in a person’s exhaled breath. 

Five for Friday: Our most-popular Fridays

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Spinnova signs globally recognised textile expert

Sustainable textile company Spinnova has signed professor Nawar Kadi, from the University of Borås, to help to commercialise the company’s fibre-production technology.

Five for Friday: Solutions with water

Whether it’s bottling, purifying, filtering, monitoring or capturing energy, Finnish companies have a taste for water-related innovations.

Juha Salmela named European CTO of the Year

The innovator and co-founder of Finnish sustainable fibre startup Spinnova, Juha Salmela, has been chosen as Europe’s chief technology officer of 2018.

Finns tackle urbanisation in Nepal

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Helin & Co Architects are working on a project to design a new sustainable urban area for half a million people in the Kathmandu Valley.

Academy of Finland selects final four flagships

Four Finnish research clusters have been selected into the Academy of Finland flagship programme that supports groundbreaking research with high societal impact.

Five for Friday: What we learned at Slush 2018

Slush Helsinki featured 3 100 startups, 21 000 participants and a couple of million great ideas.

Reaktor Hello World satellite launches into space

Finland’s first commercially built nanosatellite, Reaktor Hello World, was successfully launched into space from India on 29 November.

GrainSense becomes available in Denmark

GrainSense, the Finnish agritech startup behind the world’s first handheld device for grain protein measurement, has found a local distributor in Denmark.

Dispelix raises EUR 12 million

Finnish developer of next-generation augmented reality (AR) see-through displays, Dispelix, has raised 12 million euros in funding to ramp up mass production.

Solar Foods to develop protein for Mars journey

Finnish company Solar Foods is teaming with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Business Incubation Programme on food production for the colonisation of Mars.

Finnish research innovations sweep the podiums

The Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT, has won several awards for its work in chemistry, structural electronics and sustainable packaging.

Five for Friday: Agricultural innovations

This Finnish quintet has developed different ways to ensure agriculture is at the forefront of technology advancements.

Green light for Finnish solutions in cleantech

Metsä Group, Cargotec and YIT have found partners for their cleantech solutions.

Finnish research cooks up ingredients for success

VTT Research Centre of Finland is co-operating on new innovations in the food industry and 3D printing, and compares very well in terms of funding from the world’s largest research funding programme.

Finnish startups roll in hefty financing

Finnish startups Spinnova and Smartcart have secured substantial financing for their businesses that aim to refashion the textile and shopping industries.

Safety always comes first for Klippan

This small Finnish company is one of the global spearheads of safer car journeys for children. Its decades-long experience is acknowledged and appreciated in a growing number of countries.

Finnish researchers part of Gruber-winning space project

Finnish researchers are among the recipients of the 2018 Gruber Cosmology Prize for their work on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck satellite that has shed more light on the Universe.

Teqmine helps firms unleash innovative potential

This Finnish software-as-a-service provider is dedicated to helping people whose success depends on their ability to make the right decisions about technology.

Finnish innovation recognised by Frost & Sullivan

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s hyperspectral imaging technology has seen Frost & Sullivan rank it a “company to watch”.

Finnish expertise sought for ESA nanosatellite

Finnish company Reaktor Space Lab and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are involved in a European Space Agency (ESA) project to investigate a new frequency band for future telecommunication satellites.

Five for Friday – Circular economy solutions

What goes around comes around, and this means big business opportunities in Finland.

VitalSignum connects your phone with your heart

Born from a personal need, the Finnish Beat2Phone electrocardiogram (ECG) device and app has brought heart monitoring to the next level.

Five for Friday: Plastic alternatives

The EU’s proposal to reduce marine litter means abundant opportunities for Finns providing plastic-free solutions.

Linkker is on a road towards a greener future

These innovative people movers bring together energy efficiency and electrification, digitalisation, and automation, and are making tracks internationally.


Finland is renowned for being a leading tech hub and one of the greenest countries in the world. It’s no surprise, then, that the country is also a leader in cleantech innovation.

INTENS sets sail with EUR 13 million funding

A consortium of 14 Finnish maritime companies and five research organisations has pledged 13 million euros to further digitalise the Finnish maritime ecosystem towards a smart and green future.

EU funding for Finland-led wave energy project

The EU Horizon 2020 programme has granted five million euros in funding for a consortium to develop a power take-off (PTO) unit for a 1MW wave energy device.

GrainSense brings innovation to the field

With its handheld device, Finnish company GrainSense makes it easy for farmers to measure the quality of their grain, allowing them to make better decisions about their produce.

Finnish university breaks ground with 6G research

The University of Oulu’s proposal, ‘6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem’, has been chosen as one of the first two flagships in the Academy of Finland’s national research funding programme.

Finnish industrial companies active worldwide

Finnish industrial companies Vaisala, Dovre Group, Valmet, Fortum, Metso and Pöyry are involved in large-scale projects and have won substantial orders from around the world.

Solar Foods funded for revolutionary protein

Finnish company Solar Foods has received two million euros in startup funding for its entirely new kind of environmental and nutrient-rich protein that is produced using only water, air and electricity.

Five for Friday: Energy Week

One-third of Finland’s total energy technology exports come from the vibrant energy cluster located in Vaasa. This is a perfect setting for Energy Week, then.

MWC 2018: 5G takes centre stage

If you wonder what the future looks like, step into the shoes of the people who make digitalisation actually happen. You will find it will be smart, better than the past and, most importantly, full of 5G.

Finnish R&D knowhow leads to innovative imaging solutions

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland says it has developed a new cost-efficient hyperspectral imaging technology that enables more widespread use of artificial intelligence in consumer products.

Specim fields the wider spectrum

Specim, a VTT spinoff company, has developed the world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera that enables fast on-site analysis of everything from blood on a crime scene to plant disease detection and revealing counterfeit art.

Finnish researcher wins international recognition

Professor Kenneth Holmberg, a friction researcher at VTT, is the first Finn ever to be presented with the Tribology Gold Medal Award by The Tribology Trust.

Finnish research helps ensure air quality

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a device for the simultaneous measurement of several gases indoors.

Finnish research finds future in digital spare parts

A two-year project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University investigated how digital spare parts can boost industry.

Dispelix opens our eyes to augmented reality

The stylish augmented reality glasses of sci-fi movies are still far removed from the bulky eyewear of today, but Finnish startup Dispelix might just have the technology to bring the future a little closer.

Five for Friday: Eco clothing

Pre-owned clothing and high-quality recyclables – what’s not to love?

Five for Friday: Beauty and health from nature

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the Finnish connection with nature has even deeper roots.

Finnish research helps develop rapid alcohol test

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a rapid blood alcohol test together with Finnish company Goodwiller.

Finnish research seeks to improve wine and cider

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed cold-tolerant hybrid yeast strains that allow wine and cider fermentation at lower and higher temperatures than before. The new strains could help wine and cider makers improve the quality of their products.

Finland and Russia develop intelligent transport

​VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and ITS Russia have inked a partnership agreement concerning the development of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Nordic conditions drive automated vehicles to the Finnish line

Snow, ice and long winters are typically associated with Finland, and the country likes to play them to its advantage. Now they are being combined with 5G mobile technology to put autonomous vehicles to the test in Arctic conditions.

Five for Friday: Wind power

With every cloud comes a silver lining, and with every flurry of wind comes the possibility for harnessing a renewable energy source.

Emergence is in a winning position

Finnish location-tracking service Emergence has developed a maintenance-free IoT solution for asset management – powered solely by solar energy.

Finns create protein out of air and energy

Researchers in Finland have produced a batch of single-cell protein using electricity and carbon dioxide, a method that can be used for food and animal feed.

Supermarket and airport go solar in Finland

The world’s most energy-saving supermarket is being piloted in Finland, while Finavia is speeding up its ambitious climate program and is about to open the largest airport solar power plant in the Nordics at Helsinki Airport.

Finnish demo plant turns CO2 into fuel

Soletair demo plant, developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), produces renewable fuels and chemicals using carbon dioxide.

Five for Friday: Sustainable energy solutions

With each passing day, the development of green energy and circular and bio economies is playing an increasingly important role in preserving our planet’s habitability.

Sunlight to the rescue with power plant emissions

The COMBO-CFB project, led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has innovated a concept to increase solar energy production in the energy system.

Five for Friday: Smart city innovations

Smart living requires a smart approach, and Finland is at the forefront of this movement with its myriad solutions.

Five for Friday: Finnish beer innovations

There was a time when the mere mention of Finnish beer would be met with a derisive shrug. Those days are many pints ago.

Finnish flexible electronic devices on a roll

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has, for the first time, performed all of the manufacturing stages for a flexible in-moulded LED foil in a roll-to-roll process.

Five for Friday: Eco-friendly research

Jaw-dropping innovations from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are seemingly a dime a dozen these days. Here are some of its more memorable ecologically-sound announcements from recent times.

FocalSpec makes it to millions

Finnish FocalSpec, which specialises in roughness measurement, has raised 3.5 million euros in funding for business development.

Dispelix one of globe’s most promising startups

Augmented reality optics producer Dispelix has been listed among the 50 promising startups in the world.

Five for Friday: Mobile World Congress 2017

The dust has settled after another successful Mobile World Congress, and we have finally caught our breath after an event packed to the rafters with innovations of all shapes and sizes.

Rolls-Royce ship intelligence R&D centre to Turku

Rolls-Royce is taking a significant step towards making remote and autonomous shipping a reality.

CITYOPT project curbs energy consumption

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully helped to reduce energy consumption as part of the international CITYOPT project, by using energy planning tools developed and piloted in Helsinki, Vienna and Nice.

Combinostics uses AI to improve early diagnosis

New Finnish technology is tapping into machine learning and artificial intelligence to support healthcare professionals in early diagnosis of neurological disorders.

TactoTek’s funding tops USD 20 million

TactoTek has now raised over 20 million US dollars altogether in funding, after the investment division of automotive interiors giant Faurecia bought an equity position in the Finnish provider of 3D smart design technology.

Finnish technology cleans up wood products

A new method from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, known as ‘CatLignin,’ produces reactive lignin material that can replace toxic components found in adhesives widely used in engineered wood products, while also making the pulp industry more bio-friendly.

Finnish contribution enlightens future LED market

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing novel LED light sources based on large, flexible and transparent substrates, in collaboration with a Finnish consortium.

Salofa to commercialise blue-green algae test

Salofa, a company spun out of Finnish research, intends to bring the first easy-to-use blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) quick test to the Nordic consumer market this year.

Mapvision revs up ambitions for global expansion

A Finnish technology company is transforming quality control in the automotive industry by making it digital, cost-effective and fast.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Solar solutions

Given that the sun barely shines for six months of the year in Finland, local innovations have found numerous ways to ensure they are basking in the sunlight on a global scale.

Finnish biopharma firm bags almost EUR 2 million

Desentum, a biopharmaceutical company developing next generation immunotherapy to fight allergies, has secured funding to advance their treatment targeting birch pollen allergy.

Finnish research adds mealworms and crickets to the menu

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has harnessed the structure and flavour of mealworms and crickets in order to develop food ingredients.

Paptic has a revolutionary replacement in the bag

This Finnish startup aims to substitute plastic bags with a new material based on wood-fibre.

BioMensio’s bio-screening sensor finds funding

BioMensio, a biotechnology company based in Tampere, has landed 2.5 million euros in funding to develop a handheld bio-screening sensor which can detect the presence of specific biomolecules.

Defining the future with Tekes, IBM and Rolls Royce

Finnish funding agency for innovation Tekes is teaming up with IBM and Rolls-Royce for a stand at Slush under the title of “Finland Defining the Future”.

Steel leftover usage piloted in Finland

Renotech and VTT Technical Research Centre are developing a method for the partial replacement of refractory ceramic raw material with slag from the steel industry.

Finnish research develops leaf-processing tech

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is exploring the properties of autumn leaves for use in the cosmetics, textile and feed and food industries.

Finnish research brings local food to the kitchen

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal within a week from plant cells.

Finnish research aims for negative emissions

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing combustion technologies for biomass, and the results are promising.

Minima secures EUR 1.6 million in equity funding

This spin off from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Aalto University and the University of Turku can be used in almost all devices utilising digital computing.

Finnish research enables traceability and safer consumption

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing functional inks that can provide additional information and entertainment to products.

Trainesense takes swimming to the max

Trainesense has developed technology for swimming performance analysis that helps make the most out of every stroke a swimmer takes.

Olento Life can save your marriage

This Finnish startup has created a mobile solution that helps to steady the ship when relationships sail into choppy waters.

Beat2Phone doesn’t miss a heartbeat

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a thumb-sized device for preventing cerebral infarctions at an early stage.

Rolls-Royce develops unmanned ships in Finland

Autonomous ship technology moves forward with the co-operation of British manufacturing company Rolls-Royce and Finnish universities and research institutes.

Finnish study: companies are growing with IoT

Vast majority of Finnish companies see Internet of Things as an increasingly important element of their business.

Finland produces fuel from solar power

Lappeenranta University of Technology and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are building a unique demo plant that will pilot the production of renewable fuels with solar power.

Tactotek receives EUR 2.5 million EU grant

Finnish 3D structural electronics manufacturer Tactotek has been named a recipient of a 2.5 million-euro grant.

Finnish research gives food a wooden boost

According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, wood-derived polymers can be used to improve the texture of food products and reduce calorie content.

Finnish selfies make people part of history

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has implemented a selfie wall, which seamlessly merges the viewer with content shown onscreen, making them part of a historical photo or outdoor advert.

Pioneering IIoT solution for printed electronics plant developed in Finland

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed the first Industrial Internet-based solution for printed electronics production in the world.

No sweat – Finnish research develops antiperspirant device

Just in time for summer, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a safe and consumer-friendly treatment device for excessive sweating.

Finnish research gives a taste of the future

Finnish researchers are developing advanced food manufacturing technologies by combining expertise in food, material science and 3D printing technology.

Finnish research a hub for locating infectious diseases

A project coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing ways of reducing the risk of pandemics and managing other high-threat pathogen incidents in transport hubs.

Dispelix sees a bright future ahead after EUR 1.7 million funding

Finnish maker of see-through lenses for Augmented Reality, Dispelix, has successfully closed a 1.7 million-euro funding round. The capital boost comes from Lifeline Ventures and VTT Ventures.

Automated driving gathers speed in Finland

The world’s first national report on automated driving has found Finland at the forefront.

Finnish ‘Cyber War Room’ beats hackers at their own game

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do the threats it faces. A Finnish research laboratory has harnessed the powers of attack testing and public-private co-operation to stay one step ahead of cybercrime.

Finnish startup helps farmers to prevent fires

Finnish startup Haytech aims to prevent barn fires by providing sensors placed in hay barns.

Finnish research: willow a good sugar source for ethanol production

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University have found that after appropriate preparation and enzymatic hydrolysis, willow is suitable as a source of sugar in the production of ethanol.

Finnish research develops Rolls-Royce’s futuristic shore control centre

Rolls-Royce has unveiled its vision for land-based control centres of the future that remotely monitor and control unmanned ships.

​Finnish research develops concrete use for lignin

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created a technique that can be used to convert a by-product from pulp mills and biorefineries into a concrete plasticiser.

Finnish technology gets smart about clothing

Clothing can now automatically adjust itself according to the wearer’s needs, thanks to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

How bioeconomy will change our future

The global demand and supply equation has become increasingly difficult to solve. Although the industrial revolution gave rise to unprecedented growth in wealth, the increased pollution and overall scarcity...

Finnish project developing new technology for optical data transfer

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University are leading a project to improve the scalability and energy-efficiency of data centres and 5G networks where volumes of data transfer are growing exponentially.

Five Finnish bioeconomy innovations set to change the future

It has been calculated that, as a result of population growth, the Earth will require 50 per cent more food, 45 per cent more energy and 30 per cent more water by the year 2030. Solutions to future challenges are thus being sought in the bioeconomy.

Spectral Engines wins Prism Award

Finnish company Spectral Engines has taken top honours in the Detectors and Sensors category of the 2016 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation.

Finnish research develops new protein enrichment method

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has devised a way to efficiently separate proteins from agrobiomass by-products.

Finnish SMEs boost development of new fibre products

A Finnish project is harnessing foam-forming technology to manufacture optimised product properties for fibre products and biocomposites.

GrainSense secures EUR 1.4 million in equity financing

Finnish agri-tech startup GrainSense has acquired a significant funding boost from VTT Ventures, Berner and three Nordic private investors with agricultural backgrounds.

H&M rewards Finnish cotton recycling innovation

An innovation for the conversion of waste-cotton into new textile received the Global Change Award by H&M Conscious Foundation. The innovation has been jointly developed by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Finnish electric bus manufacturer heads for billion-euro markets

The Finnish startup company Linkker, which designs and manufactures electric buses, is heading full speed onto the global electric bus markets.

Finlayson’s bulbless innovation shines a light

Finlayson is bringing a new bulbless lamp to the markets. The People’s Light prototype was presented at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris over the weekend.

Finnish Circular Economy initiative noted in Davos

The Finnish Relooping Fashion Initative coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Ethica received a Highly Commended status in The Circulars 2016 Awards. The award ceremony was held at the World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos.

Finland – home of intelligent electronics

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a roll-to-roll (R2R) printing process that enables easy injection moulding of various components into durable electronics products.

Finnish technology could save farms from fire damage

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a system that provides early warnings of fire hazards in hay storage. The Haytech system proved its value in September, preventing a French farm from being destroyed by fire.

Finnish fuel cell expertise produces energy from Italian waste water

Fuel cell system manufacturer Convion and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will install a fuel cell plant generating energy from biogas produced in connection with waste water treatment in Italy.

Top 5 Finnish climate change solutions

Solving problems comes as second nature to Finns. This skill with finding a way to resolve some of the world’s most pressing problems is a real asset during the United Nations’ Climate Change conference in Paris this week. Here we have gathered some groundbreaking Finnish ideas and innovations to reduce energy consumption and harness renewable energy sources.

Finnish research reduces wind power interference

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed ways in which wind farms can be designed to minimise their effects on television broadcasting and mobile communications.

Finnish-led technology to outer space

An international project coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland supports the future missions to Mars.

UPM puts wood-based diesel to the test

Finnish company UPM is conducting field tests of its wood-based diesel fuel in urban buses in collaboration with Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Finland opens its 5G test networks for companies’ R&D needs

The 5G Test Network Finland, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, interconnects with 5thGear programme’s test networks which are funded by Tekes, Finnish funding agency for innovation.

Finnish innovation wins European Paper Recycling Award

A Finnish spinning technique that produces textiles and garments from waste paper and waste cardboard has been awarded at the 2015 European Paper Recycling Awards.

Finnish research helps elderly get around

Elderly people will be soon able to utilise a mobile phone-based navigation service that guides them for the entirety of their route on public transport.

Finnish support for elderly independence on a roll

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a smart rollator prototype that harnesses VTT’s Internet of Things expertise.

Finnish project fashions waste cotton into new fibre

A cellulose dissolution technique developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is transforming worn-out cotton clothing into new fibres for the textile industry.

Could Finland become the Silicon Valley of Industrial Internet?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is often used as a much hype term, but it offers great opportunities to businesses and societies alike. In Finland alone, it is predicted to bring billions of euros in investments and tens of thousands of jobs and the country is already putting its tech savviness into work.

Finnish project has designs on municipal waste

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully utilised municipal solid waste to fashion design products.

Prototype of smart radio developed in Finland

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a new prototype of smart radio. It is based on a recommendation engine by VTT, and commercialisation partners are being sought.

Finnish researchers develop miniature gas sensor for mobile devices

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a miniature gas sensor that can be connected to mobile devices, facilitating easier detection of internal air problems.

Finnish innovation takes a green spin on fibre yarn production

The textile industry is dominated by synthetic fibres and cotton, neither which can boast their green credentials. Finnish startup Spinnova aims to change this with a new chemical-free fibre yarn production technology.

EUR 1.8 million financing kick starts Asqella’s imaging technology

Internal theft is one the major causes for loss in retail. But not for long, if you ask Finnish technology company Asqella.

Cellulose to become the supermaterial of the future?

Cellulose might be supermaterial of the future. This is the view of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Vaasa, the collaboration partners who received a 4.9 million-euro strategic research opening grant from Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). The project was coordinated by VTT.

Finnish research senses food spoilage

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a sensor that detects ethanol inside food packages. The chemical is formed when food spoils.

Finnish foam forming technology receives EUR 3.6 million boost

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating an international project that seeks to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative foam forming technology.

From forest to tank

Finland is a country of forests. The forest sector is experiencing a shift, and its future is based on a sustainable bio-economy in which biofuels play a key role....

Finnish research pioneers new lager beer flavours

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has published a groundbreaking scientific study on the successful generation of hybrid lager yeasts.

Finnish wind park minimises harm to birdlife

An 11-turbine maritime wind farm opening in 2016 on Tahkoluoto island, located offshore from the city of Pori in western Finland, is set to include an innovative new bird radar.

British company relies on Finnish nano expertise

UK-based Rockley Photonics will start up production in Espoo, Finland. The products will be used in internal data transfers in data centres.

From food waste to protein supplements

Researchers in Finland have helped develop methods to transform food industry waste into dietary supplements and skin care products.

Electric cars powered up by Finnish innovations

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and a group of Finnish businesses have developed new intelligent solutions for electric vehicles to enable a standardised charging infrastructure, remote booking of a charging station as well as an intelligent charging process.

Intelligent LED lighting technology from Finland

Headed by the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT), Finnish companies have been involved in developing breakthrough technologies in intelligent LED lighting.

Helmee’s machine vision is not blurred by reflections

The Tampere-based company Helmee Imaging has developed a machine vision system that makes it possible to ensure the quality of products with a glossy, highly reflective surface. A patent is being sought for the technology in Finland, the European Union, the United States as well as Japan and China.

Lumene transforms Finnish berries into cosmetics

What do chemistry, stem cell technology and cosmetics have in common? Lumene has drawn on unique expertise to combine wild Arctic nature and Finnish berries with scientific innovations.

Finnish innovation able to detect skin cancer in seconds

A new innovative handheld camera developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is able to detect early stages of skin cancer in two seconds. The ultra-precision hyperspectral camera recognises early stages of skin cancer that are invisible to the naked eye.

Construction-waste recycling gets a boost

On a construction, renovation or demolition site, there is always leftover material that must be disposed of. Even though the methods for processing construction waste have become more diversified, and less and less waste ends up at the landfill, a lot still needs to be done. The ReUSE project is among the initiatives aimed at boosting this development.

Clearing the way for road safety

Finnish weather technology is becoming a significant export. Promising markets for smart traffic weather services can be found in Northern Europe and Russia. Arctic Machine has gained a strong foothold in these markets. The company’s snow loaders will be used to keep roads clear of snow during this February’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Renewable diesel from Finland, part 2: UPM is a wood-based diesel pioneer

The world’s first biorefinery manufacturing wood-based renewable diesel will start operating in Finland next year. Forest company UPM’s eco-project will manufacture the fuel from tall oil, which offers a greener option to traditional fuels.

Hydrogen minimises the carbon footprint of transportation

“The hydrogen engine has taken off and there’s no stopping it now. We are strongly on board for the ride. Things are really starting to happen,” enthuses Kalevi Korjala, managing director of Woikoski.

Graphene is on its way

Graphene, described as the world’s strongest material, is quickly making its way onto the scene. This year it will already be possible to utilise the super-material in sports equipment. The substance holds almost limitless application possibilities.

New materials save the environment

New environmentally friendly materials offer Finnish industry significant new opportunities. In terms of packaging materials, the potential is in the range of billions of euros.

On the road to sustainable development

Future transport needs to be put on the road of sustainable development. What kind of journey lies ahead and where will it take us? Research professor Nils-Olof Nylund from VTT leads the way.