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An Illustration of space
20.09.2021 - Space technology

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Space technology

With the space industry on the rise, more and more Finnish enterprises and research organisations are seeking new business opportunities for producing and applying space solutions that benefit the planet and humanity.

15.09.2021 -

International talent boosts growth for companies (and Finland)

In recent years, there has been a lot of public discussion regarding the shortage of skilled talent in Finland. Even though the global pandemic has turned attention to other urgent matters over the past year, the question of how to secure the availability of talent is not going to disappear or lose its relevance in […]

an illustration depicting energy efficiency
13.09.2021 - Sustainable tech/energy

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Energy efficiency in buildings 

Finnish tech professionals have a lot on offer for property owners, real estate developers and housing companies seeking to adopt energy-thrifty solutions that benefit both the wallet and the planet. 

autumn ideas
06.09.2021 - Society


Can you feel it? Autumn is starting to creep into the air in Finland and the rest of the northern hemisphere. Enjoy every moment of the crisp season with the help of this Finnish quintet.

A hand connecting a jumper cable to the post of a black battery.
02.09.2021 - Chemical industry

Finland sparks positive change for batteries

As the only country in the world capable of managing the entire battery value chain, from mineral extraction to recycling, Finland is uniquely positioned to respond to the surge in demand for batteries stemming mostly from the rapid proliferation of electric vehicles in Europe.