May 19, 2016

Yepzon lands important distribution deal in India

Yepzon’s product manufacturer in Finland will remain unchanged.
Yepzon’s product manufacturer in Finland will remain unchanged.

Finnish GPS location service and equipment provider Yepzon is to open a new production line in New Delhi.

Yepzon, the developer of easy-to-use mobile location services, has signed an important distribution contract with Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS), an Indian company specialising in navigation and multimedia solutions.

“Opening a production line in India will give us access to India’s vast market with over a billion consumers,” says Yepzon CEO Otto Linna. “Furthermore, India’s low expense levels and quick product development will give us a competitive edge on the global market. We will be able to launch a new consumer product to global mass production very quickly, within three months.”

The company will launch a new-generation personal security device this summer, combining both alarm and locator functionalities. Later, this autumn, it will also introduce a new location and shipment-tracking service for the industrial and logistics sectors.

ANS has developed solutions for the global navigation market, tailored for the needs of the automotive industry. Its partners include companies such as Volkswagen and Toyota Tsusho.

“In the coming years, the potential of Yepzon’s current and future products in India alone is tens of thousands of devices, especially for children and women,” says Amit Sharma, sales director at ANS.

Yepzon was founded in 2013 and its headquarters are in Tampere, Finland.