October 17, 2017

Royale Sisters set to go international

Royale Sisters includes 52 episodes, each of which last 11 minutes.
Royale Sisters includes 52 episodes, each of which last 11 minutes.

Finnish game and animation studio Pikkukala and French distributor Dandelooo aim to take the Finnish comedy show to global screens.

Royale Sisters is an animated comedy series about a royal family living in a regular house. It deals with the challenges of adapting to change without losing one’s identity.

Pikkukala’s CEO Pablo Jordi says that the company is delighted to collaborate with Dandelooo.

“There’s none like them in the industry – combining as they do so many years of experience with the energy of a young company,” he notes. “They have a great reputation and clearly understood the show’s core values so there is no question they are the best option to take the show to the market.”

Recently, Pikkukala has also signed co-financing agreements with animation studios Lunanime in Belgium and Ink&Light in Ireland. Together the companies want to explore possibilities for co-production.

“Europe is a great place to produce animation with a great diversity of animation studios which mirror its cultural richness,” Jordi tells. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Lunanime and Ink&Light to bring the Royale Sisters to life as a big European co-production.”

Pikkukala was founded in Helsinki in 2012. The studio creates digital entertainment for families and children with focus on mobile games and animation.