October 19, 2017

10 Questions: Dave Cad

Dave Cad is an English YouTuber who vlogs about Finland.

  1. What was your dream job when you were young?

Like any youngster, I had many dreams when I was a boy. My dad and grandad had both been in the police so naturally, I wanted to too! I actually applied to be a police officer when I was 19 but I got turned down. I guess that’s for the best.

  1. How has life changed since quitting your job to become a fulltime YouTuber?

It has been amazing. I’ve been making videos for six years so to be able to call making YouTube videos my job is a dream come true and something that I’ve been working for a long time. The “YouTuber life” has been crazy so far, though. It’s been a bit of a whirl wind since I quit my job. I left in June and a week later came to Finland. It has been a very busy summer of exploring and making videos so I’ve not had much time to really sit and process the change.

  1. Your videos are a humorous take on Finland and Finnish culture, but what does Finland mean to you?

Since I live in London for most of the year, Finland for me is a place to relax and unwind. It can get a bit crazy living in a city with eight million people buzzing around all day every day so it’s nice to know I have a place where I can come to chill. I always get an overwhelming sense of calm when I get off the plane in Helsinki.

  1. Where do you get the ideas for your videos?

I get a lot of my ideas from my viewers, actually. I try to read all the comments on my videos and within those are usually suggestions for things for me to try or experience and I’m more than happy to do so! I also get inspiration just from every day life. I like to share the experiences I’ve had and since Finland and Finnish culture is so very different from England I think they make for quite interesting perspectives, at least to Finns!

  1. Is there something you would never test/show in your videos or is the sky the limit?

The sky is absolutely the limit – literally since I went skydiving in a video recently! I’m a big believer in trying everything once. Never say never! I like to try and exude positivity in my videos though, so the only thing I wouldn’t do is do or show anything particularly negative or too disgusting.

  1. Since becoming a fulltime YouTuber, how do you separate your free time from your work?

It’s actually quite hard and something that I’m working on. Since my channel is about me and my experiences, sometimes the two blend together so much it’s hard to tell if I’m working or just living my life. I think when you do something you’re passionate about there’s a very, very fine line between working and free time.

  1. What is a perfect weekend to you?

This is an easy one! A weekend at the summer house. I’d go fishing during the day and relaxing with a movie and some good food in the evening. It sounds like I’m about 80 years old but I’m not big on partying or anything like that, so the summer house culture here in Finland is perfect for me.

  1. What is the response from your Finnish audience – especially when poking fun of Finnish culture?

The reaction to my videos is always very positive, so far at least! I think my audience has a pretty good sense of humour and they know that some Finnish things could be perceived as a little strange to outsiders. Of course, from time to time there’s the odd person that takes things a little too seriously or maybe something gets lost in translation. There’s also a lot of fans of salmiakki out there so I often get some strongly worded comments defending the salty treat.

  1. How do you create a YouTube image? Any advice for those aspiring to do the same?

I’ve been working on my YouTube channel for over six years now and I’m still not sure I get it! One thing that has stayed constant throughout though is my love and passion of making videos and being creative. When I made my first video I had no idea this would be a career move. I did it because I had edited a few videos of me and my friends hanging out and thought it was a fun process. My advice would be just to grab a camera and have fun.

  1. Now when you are your own employer and have all the time in the world to do anything – what is your “grand plan” for the future?

Since I’m a bit of an entrepreneur and I’ve had my own company before, I know how delicate and volatile business can be. Right now I’m just enjoying the creative side of being a full-time content creator. I’ve not quite figured out a long term plan just yet but there’ll be bigger and better things coming for sure.


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