March 9, 2017

10 Questions: Anna Ojutkangas and Eveliina Suoyrjö

Anna Ojutkangas and Eveliina Suoyrjö are the founders of London-based Arctic Power Berries.

  1. What is your morning routine?

We are such breakfast people; it’s definitely the first thing in the morning. We usually have a bowl of porridge, a smoothie (with berry powders, obviously) and a huuuuuge cup of strong black coffee. Then pretty much after that we check our emails and social media, and start working.

  1. How can you tell someone was born and raised in Finnish Lapland?

People from up north tend to be very open; you recognise another Lappish person by them telling you everything about their life when you first meet. They are also very hard working and determined. We think pretty much everyone from the north also likes doing things outdoors and has a high respect for nature.

  1. What is your favourite berry of all?

Eve: Lingonberry. I love how versatile it is, goes with both sweet and savoury foods. I have lingonberry powder every day!

Anna: Blueberry. I love the deep and sweet taste of Arctic blueberries. There’s no turning back to cultivated blueberries once you try wildly grown Arctic blueberries (also known as bilberries)!

  1. What’s it like to both live and work with your best friend?

We spend pretty much every day together, all day too. We just had a two-week holiday together. So, do we need to say more? Haha, it’s the best. Doesn’t even feel like work. Plus, we are very good at ‘swapping to free time’ if needed. There’s no looking over each other’s shoulders and we are very determined, working hard towards our dreams and goals, so definitely no complaints here.

  1. What other Finnish things, apart from berries, should be introduced to Britons?

Mushrooms. We think Britons have a growing interest towards Nordic foods and mushrooms are definitely something that could make the cut in the shops where only champignons are available.

  1. You have travelled a lot together – what’s your favourite destination?

Well, now that we just got back from Sri Lanka with everything still fresh in mind we must say that we really, really like the country. Food was amazing, people were friendly, nature so green and beautiful, warm weather and good times. But out of all the countries we must admit that we have weak knees for Australia – especially Sydney, that city is something else.

  1. What is the most Finnish thing about Londoners?

Everyone complains about cold weather :D

  1. What is your most memorable berry moment?

There are so many, especially with Arctic Power Berries. We have met so many amazing people along the way and made memories that last a lifetime. But as a berry moment, we think the taste of Finnish blueberry pie with sour cream has made an indelible impact in our hearts and memories.

  1. What should everyone know about Lapland?

There was an interview on Finnish TV with an English tourist visiting Rovaniemi. When she was asked how she likes Lapland she said: “Can’t really describe this place, it’s too magical.” We think Lapland has so many great things, but especially the nature is amazing. In every season.

  1. What do you miss from Finland?

Mostly the standard of living. Especially the cold winter time has made us really appreciate how the houses are built in Finland – the double-glazed windows, floor heating, heating in general… But other than that, maybe it’s the clean nature we miss. We adore London, but sometimes it feels like it would be nice to go jogging in the woods rather than doing 10 laps in the park. Luckily, flights are affordable so we can visit home often enough not to miss too many things! Plus, we used to miss the berries but solved the problem by bringing them with us – in a powdered form!


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