10 Questions: Antrei Hartikainen

December 13, 2018

Master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen explains why he expresses himself with wood and how his Finnish heritage is reflected in his designs.

10 Questions: Andreas Saari

November 29, 2018

This week, Slush CEO Andreas Saari gives his tips for someone who would like attend the event for the first time.

10 Questions: Anu Partanen

November 22, 2018

This week, journalist and author Anu Partanen tackles 10 questions about her life, career and the differences between the Nordics and the US.

10 Questions: Sakari Orava

November 15, 2018

This week, world-renowned Finnish sports medicine surgeon Sakari Orava tells how serious muscle and tendon injuries in competitive sports could be better prevented.

10 Questions: Alina Tomnikov

November 8, 2018

What could the rest of the world learn from Finnish films? Alina Tomnikov lets us know.

10 Questions: Eicca Toppinen

November 1, 2018

Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen tells what he likes to do when not playing the cello and what makes him lose track of time, in this week's 10 Questions.

10 Questions: Jenny Jokela

October 25, 2018

Jenny Jokela tells why she decided to express herself through animation, and the role her Finnish heritage plays in her life in this week's 10 questions.

10 Questions: Mehdi Ghasemi

October 18, 2018

In this week's 10 Questions, Mehdi Ghasemi discusses the literary genre, noveramatry, which he created and a lot more.

10 Questions: Anna Eriksson

October 11, 2018

What kind of experience was the production of Anna Eriksson's debut film? Discover this and much more in this week’s 10 questions.

10 Questions: Kari Voutilainen

October 4, 2018

What constitutes a perfect watch? Kari Voutilainen shares his view on this, the common misconceptions about watchmaking and why an eyeglass is such an important tool.

10 Questions: Kirsi Seppänen

September 27, 2018

This week, Finnish sommelier Kirsi Seppänen, the winner of the Nordic Ruinart Challenge 2018, reveals her favourite food and wine combination and a lot more.