Finnish books to reach new ears

November 24, 2017

Two book series by Finnish authors will be recorded in various new languages on international audiobook service Storytel.

Mobidiag partners up in Estonia

November 24, 2017

Finnish-French biotechnology company Mobidiag has signed a distribution agreement with Interlux, supplier of technologies for medicine, science and biotechnology industry.

Eagle Filters signs repeat order

November 24, 2017

Eagle Filters has received a 300 000-euro repeat order from IEC, the largest supplier of electricity in Israel.

Five for Friday: Animation

November 24, 2017

Be sure to place your popcorn within arms’ reach and make yourself comfortable for this animated quintet.

Aku Louhimies puts Finnish bravery centre stage

November 22, 2017

Finland’s most expensive film of all time broke box office records when it hit cinemas locally in early November. Now, Unknown Soldier is set to take a classic Finnish war story to international markets.

Huoleti connects patients with those who care

November 21, 2017

When you are faced with a severe illness or injury, everyday tasks can suddenly become a struggle. Now Finnish healthtech startup Huoleti is on a mission to make asking for help a breeze.

Cup is always half full for Lunette

November 20, 2017

The Finnish version of the menstrual cup has made its way around the world, spreading affordable sustainability and the notion that body parts aren’t swearwords.

Kotipizza rises to the Stars

November 23, 2017

Finnish Kotipizza Group has landed the Star of 2017 prize at the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards in Brussels.

Kuuhubb gets interior interested with Neybers

November 23, 2017

Helsinki-based digital company Kuuhubb has signed a term sheet to acquire the interior design game Neybers.

Supermetrics boosts its market analytics solution

November 23, 2017

Finnish Supermetrics has closed a 3.5 million euro Series A funding round, as the company aims to further solidify its position as a leading marketing analytics solution.

Solita sets up shop in Tallinn

November 22, 2017

Digital business consulting company Solita continues its internationalisation by opening a new office in Tallinn, Estonia.