Finland has edtech covered

Anusha Ramakrishnan / 
January 23, 2019

Rapid changes in the uptake of technology demand a different approach to education, writes Anusha Ramakrishnan.

Let’s make film and TV business in Lapland sustainable 

Anna Niemelä / 
January 16, 2019

A sustainable future is being sought for the Finnish Lapland film industry, writes Anna Niemelä.

The disruptive movement of mobility as a service

Sampo Hietanen / 
January 9, 2019

The current period of mobility disruption means we need to build infrastructure with new settings, writes Sampo Hietanen.

Diversity wins at the workplace

James O’Sullivan / 
December 19, 2018

A diverse workplace helps meet a diversity of needs, writes James O’Sullivan.

Unlock an unfair advantage with platform economy

Teemu Malinen / 
December 12, 2018

This week, Teemu Malinen makes a case for platform economy.

We support international startup teams setting up business and life in Finland

Marjo Ilmari / 
December 3, 2018

Finland is making it easier than ever for people to set up a startup on its shores, writes Marjo Ilmari.

The importance of corporate governance

Monita Mo / 
November 28, 2018

Monita Mo from Ascend Capital Partners shares some of her learnings after investing in numerous Finnish and international startups.

Avoid wasting money on WeChat

Jun Zhou / 
November 14, 2018

Looking to crack the Chinese market via social media? Jun Zhou offers his insight.

Robots aren’t coming to take your job!

Ville Hulkko / 
November 7, 2018

Don’t panic! Build human-in-the-loop AI to augment, not automate, writes Ville Hulkko.

Finland’s game and software industry needs more talent

Kim Bäckroos / 
October 31, 2018

The Finnish software industry alone will need 20 000 developers in the next few years, writes Kim Bäckroos. How can the gap be filled?

Disrupting how people buy and manage their personal finances

Jussi Valsta / 
October 24, 2018

Fintech can empower consumers to make rational decisions on their personal finances, writes Jussi Valsta.