Both carrots and sticks, please!

Seija Lukkala / 
November 10, 2016

Our natural resources are vanishing at a threatening pace; and meanwhile, we humans strive to maximise economic growth by consuming more and more. This is a strange equation. The...

Investing in Europe’s best

Antti Aumo / 
November 3, 2016

Today it makes perfect business sense for a company seeking international growth to choose Finland as its European headquarters. As one of the world’s most open and competitive economies...

Finnish teachers and schools – what’s the fuss?

Kirsti Lonka / 
October 27, 2016

In recent years, Finnish educational system has been in the focus of positive attention. New top listings appear quite frequently showing how well we are doing in global innovation,...

A convincing perspective on Finland

Tsui-Shan Tu / 
October 20, 2016

Recently while hosting an international media visit, I shared my experience of living in Finland with journalists from France and Switzerland. Drawing on my experience here as a mother,...

Make marketing your focus

Anne Korkiakoski / 
October 13, 2016

We Finns are well-known for our high standards of education and outstanding innovations. Yet, we are still not reaping the full commercial benefits of these. We don’t invest enough...

Film crews welcome!

Johanna Karppinen / 
October 6, 2016

Effective as of 2017, the Finnish government is introducing an incentive for productions that film in Finland, so that they get 25 per cent back of what they have...

It’s the littlest things

Anne Salomäki / 
September 29, 2016

Can you recall telling friends about your travel plans – and them laughing and asking ‘why there’? “Why would you go somewhere so cold/hot/boring/dangerous/crowded/remote?” I have paid what felt...

UX – boosting the welfare society

Matti Kuha / 
September 22, 2016

Think about a car which looks ever so cool, takes you very reliably wherever you want to go and is safe and stable to drive. Now, think about the...

The Finnish love affair with literature

David J. Cord / 
September 15, 2016

Finland is the perfect place for a bibliophile. The culture supports the entire literary process, from writing a book to making it accessible to readers. Anyone can wander into...

All the best from Finland

James O’Sullivan / 
September 8, 2016

There’s been no shortage of podium-hopping for Finland this year. Okay, well, sports fans among us may realise I’m perhaps not referring to the recent Rio Summer Olympics. But,...

Give purpose to the data

Taneli Tikka / 
September 1, 2016

Data is like clean water – the essential of life of which importance you’ll only realise until its gone. In today’s world data is measured, collected, reported, visualised and...