Environmental technology solves big-city problems

Eero Pekkola / 
February 7, 2013

Oilon has been doing business in China for over two decades. We have received numerous requests from customers for solutions that help to quickly mitigate the effects of coal combustion....

Tooting your own horn — Finland’s new national sport?

Jenny Antonen / 
January 31, 2013

Finland and Helsinki are doing great. The World Economic Forum has rated Finland as the world’s third most competitive country. According to Forbes magazine, Finland is the second best...

US-based growth

Jarno J. Vanto / 
January 24, 2013

Even though the financial news headlines have focused on Asia lately, Finnish growth companies’ interest in 2013 lies with the US. An important element of growth for technology companies...

Economic growth led by China benefits Finland

Jani Kaarlejärvi / 
January 17, 2013

It appears that the next significant economic growth cycle will not originate in Europe or North America; it is more likely that it will have its roots in Asia...

Save yourself, save Finland!

Jussi Määttä / 
January 10, 2013

“Remember, my son, to make so good products that they sell themselves.” This is a piece of advice my friend got from his father last year when he was...