Success through customer understanding

Marko Rapeli / 
March 13, 2014

In the present market situation characterised by ever-tightening competition, one thing stands out above all else when determining the success factors of companies: customer experience. A focus on products...

Namibia: a diamond in the rough

Kari Väisänen / 
March 6, 2014

For most Finns, Africa is a geographical lump, an undemocratic continent with abundant natural resources. It is a confusing conglomerate of countries, full of wasted opportunities. Neighbouring countries are...

We can do better

Markus Kokko / 
February 27, 2014

The latest Nation Brands Index, which even bears the name of its creator, nation brand guru Simon Anholt, was released late last year. Finland came in 17th out of...

Back to square one

Henriikka Ahtiainen / 
February 20, 2014

Life is full of routines. There are those you want to stick to no matter what and those you try to rid yourself of as quickly as possible. My...

A fitness superpower

Jyri Lintunen / 
February 13, 2014

The Sochi Olympics are underway and Finland is mourning its fall from the top of world-class sports. In the 20th century, the small country of Finland was a sports...

Innovations at the Millennium Pavilion

Johanna Fräki / 
February 6, 2014

The World Wide Web, open source software, breakthroughs in stem cell research, blue and white LEDs, cost-efficient solar energy and new biomaterials as artificial tissue. These are some of...

Winter is good business

Teemu Granström / 
January 30, 2014

A friend of mine who works in a company producing map services told me how his Indian clients were surprised by a mistake they had noticed in some Finnish...

Turning the burden of snow into an advantage

Elina Honkanen & Maija Renkonen / 
January 23, 2014

Last spring, at the ChemBio Finland fair in Helsinki, we took part in a competition that challenged students to come up with new business ideas. We had heard a...

Building a land of a thousand stories

Eeva Haaramo / 
January 16, 2014

“Welcome the dark. Embrace the cold. This is Slush 2013”. That was the slogan used to attract large numbers of foreign entrepreneurs, investors and journalists to Helsinki in November....

Learning self-confidence

Päivi Korpela / 
January 9, 2014

In recent years, I have spent time living in South America and particularly Peru. New cultures offer a fresh insight, especially during the first days and weeks in a...

Finland – a leader in entrepreneurial thinking

Tomi Alakoski / 
January 2, 2014

The latest Pisa results have got people talking. We have already heard the reasons for the weaker scores, and among the topics under debate is the need for new...