Journey to the West

Jyri Lintunen / 
August 7, 2014

Chinese tourists tell their impressions about Finland.

From Finland to the tropic

Daniel Pietikäinen / 
August 1, 2014

Living between two cultures and keeping your Finnish identity in place.

Nivala – future home to global success stories?

Ville Valtonen / 
June 26, 2014

Finland has everything it takes to be a global leader and on an international scale, our small domestic market should be made an asset.

When the Germans fell out of the boat

Sara Vihavainen / 
June 19, 2014

Midsummer is when Finns squeeze themselves into a car and set off to the lakeshore to enjoy the peace and quiet of their summer cottages.

Air transport could increase Finland’s competitiveness – but whose is the responsibility?

Pekka Mäkinen / 
June 12, 2014

According to a survey carried out by Oxford Economics in 2011, 82 per cent of companies do not invest in countries or areas with poor air connectivity.

Do your children spend time outdoors every day?

Elina Björklund / 
June 5, 2014

My children are big enough that they no longer need their mother to take them to the park. I still get to make sure that they spend some of their free time in the great outdoors and I intend to hold on to my right to do so.

Breakthroughs from joint research – for the patient’s benefit!

Antti Haapalinna / 
May 30, 2014

For several decades, Finland has been home to globally leading biomedical research and know-how, which has created the basis for excellent research co-operation networks within the pharmaceutical industry. Our...

At the height of fashion

Pirjo Hirvonen / 
May 23, 2014

Just over ten years ago many still harboured doubts about whether Finland could ever be home to international fashion. Long before the noughties, the Finnish fashion industry had shrunk...

A game change in the game industry

Sonja Ängeslevä / 
May 15, 2014

Following the huge successes of Fingersoft, Rovio and Supercell, Finland has been declared the centre of the global game industry. In addition to these three, Finland is home to...

Images combat the lack of words

Sanna Melin / 
May 8, 2014

Would you like to be employed at a workplace that lacks a common language? Your job would be to assemble thousands of components to create a functional whole, moving...

Out of the birch woods

Tuula Juselius / 
May 2, 2014

When our first handmade design lamps made from Finnish birchwood were created in the late 1990s I was sure that they would be a hit in Scandinavia and Japan....