February 18, 2019

My career: From start to Finnish

Get to know more about Pravin via LinkedIn
Get to know more about Pravin via LinkedIn

Pravin Luthada, India
CEO of an automation company

1. The reason I ended up in Finland is… education. Finland offered the best education in the most cost-effective manner.

2. What I find surprising about working in Finland is… the way of doing things is to the point, with the freedom to operate and learn by doing.

3. My favourite thing about Finland is… the warmth and support people give you, when you are doing something new and challenging.

4. How I got my current job is… I co-founded the company to solve the challenges of high cost of automation in manufacturing. We started as a research project in Aalto [University] and spun off into a company. Now it seems there could not have been a better place to start a company, as we have customers in Finland and Germany, and are growing to other European markets.

5. The piece of advice I would give to someone contemplating coming to work in Finland is… keep an open mind and willingness to learn a new language. Finland can be an awesome place to learn and grow.

We are getting to know what people born abroad think about working life in Finland.

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