January 25, 2017

LapWall’s growth boosted by new shares

LapWall is about to enter new business areas.
LapWall is about to enter new business areas.

Co-operative PPO has invested five million euros in new shares of LapWall, a Finnish company offering prefabricated wood elements.

Through the investment, PPO becomes a significant minority shareholder. According to the CEO Jarmo Pekkarinen, LapWall’s goal is to become the biggest player in the Scandinavian wood building market, which is why the company started to look for an outside investor. PPO suits LapWall’s strategy and values, and the two companies quickly found common ground.

The investment programme includes the expansion of LapWall’s production facility and increases in both the level of automation and production capacity. The company’s subsidiary in Sweden, LapWall, will also begin the construction of its own production facility.

The CEO tells that LapWall is about to enter new business areas, and prototypes are in the making.

LapWall calls itself “a pioneer in prefabricated wood elements”. Its prefabricated element solution can shorten the construction phase down to three weeks.