February 15, 2017

Jill and Joy’s Winter wins again

Zodiak Finland

Finnish kids’ film Jill and Joy’s Winter has been chosen as the best film for over five-year-olds at the Childrens Film Festival Seattle 2017.

The festival featured almost 200 films from over 50 countries, with the winners selected by a jury that consisted of children. The Jill and Joy series of movies is known in Finnish as Onneli and Anneli.

“Up front you always wish the film to reach children, to cross the distance between the writing desk to audience’s seats,” the writer of all Jill and Joy films Sami Keski-Vähälä notes. “Acknowledgements such as this are a sign that this has happened – the film has managed to grasp something that is touching to children. It’s the best kind of prize one’s work can ever get.”

Last year, the film was voted as the audience favourite at Schlingel, an international film festival for children and young audiences in Germany.

Click on the image below to enjoy the trailer.