October 27, 2015

Inka Tiitto wins indoor skydiving Gold

In addition to indoor skydiving, Tiitto is an experienced dancer.
In addition to indoor skydiving, Tiitto is an experienced dancer.
Vania Da Rui

Inka Tiitto from Finland has won a Gold Medal at the Indoor Skydiving Championships in Prague.

The World Championships, the first ever, were organised during the past weekend. The second day of the championships produced the best possible result with Tiitto winning the Solo Freestyle Open series.

She took the title with 61 points. Norway achieved second place with 59.9 points, while Russia took Bronze with 59.5 points.

“I’m really surprised. I never thought I would do this well,” Tiitto said after the competition was over.

Inka Tiitto is 28 years old and spends the majority of the year touring various wind tunnels around the world.

Her incredible skills are the result of intense practice. Tiitto has flown an impressive 1300 hours in wind tunnels. In addition to the indoor version of the sport, Tiitto is experienced in skydiving from planes.

Freestyle skydiving is a very artistic sport that requires the athlete to hone their skills to a tee. The sport involves certain mandatory routines with pre-determined movements and a freestyle programme in which the skydiver can display their more artistic and creative side.

“The freestyle programme went particularly well – I had great energy for flying,” Tiitto says.

The championship audience in Prague was full of Finnish supporters. The Finnish flags flying among the spectators gave Tiitto an added boost.

“It’s been great to see so many Finns here. This is a performance sport, so seeing people supporting me in the audience gives me a lot of energy,” says Tiitto.

Many top skydivers from around the world took part in the World Championships. Finns were seen in five competition categories.