February 13, 2017

Finnish travel film among world’s best

Polar Night Magic offers a glimpse of Finland's nature.
Polar Night Magic offers a glimpse of Finland's nature.
Screenshot / Visit Finland

The international tourism film committee CIFFT named Visit Finland’s Polar Night Magic among its top 10 videos in Vienna in January.

CIFFT is a committee of 16 tourism film festivals. In order for a video to enter the competition, it needs to be submitted to all member festivals. This year, the competition had more than 1 600 participating videos.

On top of being listed in the top 10, Polar Night Magic has received several awards at member festivals, including the US and Portugal.

Polar Night Magic was a part of a joint campaign by Finpro’s Visit Finland and Finnair, lasting from the autum 2015 until the spring 2016.

“[Polar Night Magic] is directed at modern humanists who’ve travelled through the metropolises of the world and now seek new experiences to balance out the busy everyday life,” Heli Jimenez, head of marketing at Visit Finland, explains in the press release. “Particularly the nature destinations in Finland offer plentiful options for unique experiences all year round.”


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