September 13, 2017

Finnish beer finds fans in China

People in China can now also toast Finnish tastes.
People in China can now also toast Finnish tastes.

Mallaskoski brewery now has two of its beers available on, one of the largest online stores in China.

The beers go under the names Tough Luck and Last Laugh. The presence online paves way for the drinks’ entrance to both the Chinese and the global market.

Mallaskoski brewery believes that the rising volume of demand indicates a growing interest in China.

“A big online store such as opening its doors to Mallaskoski beers is a huge step, and the conquest of the world has really begun,” notes Tommi Ruuska, international trade lead of Momentin Group, a subsidiary of the brewery. is a competitor of the world’s biggest online store Alibaba, with approximately 235 million active customers.

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